More iPhone 4 issues piling on, broken proximity sensors and cracked glass

Like we have said many times before, with great power comes great responsibility. Well Spiderman said that, but we acknowledged that Apple is now a great power and they are going to have to take some responsibility for hardware/manufacturing defects. So here is the run down of todays issues. Some Gizmodo readers are reporting that after dropping their iPhones from relatively short heights, the back panel of the phone is cracking. As you can see in this photo…

Well I suppose that confirms that. The rear is just as fragile as the front when it comes to dropping the phone. Unlike plastic, which usually takes dents, scratches, and chips, glass can more easily crack. Even the strongest of glass, such as that found in the iPhone 4, can break. However, I do believe this is common knowledge. Do not drop your phone. What people are reporting is that for a short while Apple had no problem replacing these phones with the cracked back. Now, much like with previous versions of the iPhone, you cannot replace it do to a cracked screen or any other broken hardware due to customers neglect. Apple has replaced somewhere around 50 cracked screens already and they are fed up. The best advice I could give for this issue is for you to not drop your brand new $500 phone. That is a user error whether you think it is or is not more fragile. What is not a user error however is the responsiveness of the phones proximity sensor.

Users from 9to5mac are reporting issues with the proximity sensor on the iPhone. Some are saying that they keep muting calls with their cheek or even dialing buttons. Some say this is not happening on their older iPhones and that they are not using the new iPhone 4 any differently. The writers over at BGR are saying that this doesn’t happen with theirs. The issue seems to be fairly minor as of now, but we will keep an eye out for further reports. With any issue you do have to remember, an angry customer speaks the loudest.

[Via 9to5mac]

[Via Gizmodo]

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6 Responses to More iPhone 4 issues piling on, broken proximity sensors and cracked glass

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  2. @YoavPerry says:

    The proximity sensor issue is not minor at all; in fact, Apple’s support forum is flooded already with hundreds of messages regarding the sensor problem. I am now in the process of re-activating my trusty old 3GS (on hold with AT&T) because my iPhone 4 is totally impossible to use for phone calls.

    In just 3 days my ear and cheek muted calls, started FaceTime, moved calls to speakerphone out of the blue, hung up on people I called, went back to the home screen and launched apps… Worst yet: putting one caller on hold while dialing an expensive international call and putting it in conference.

    This has NEVER happened to me with my 3G and my 3GS – NEVER, not even once. The iPhone 4 did it to me about 25 times in it’s first 3 days alone!

    This is just not a device you can trust in a normal course of communications and business. I don’t understand how this experimental shoddy unit ever made it to market in this condition.

  3. steven says:

    Wow hearing these stories is not good for apple at all.

  4. MarkOD says:

    I think everybody should have a look at this post that was deleted from the Apple support forums by Apple. It seems that they have no interest in fixing this issue or even making a statement on it unless they are forced to by a lawsuit or something to that effect. I am VERY disappointed in Apple. I have been a fan for over 15 years. It seems as if they have forgotten who they are and just becoming a big bully now. (see below)

    iphone4_925 posted “Re: Issue with Proximity Sensor during calls” in “Issue with Proximity Sensor during calls” on Jul 5, 2010 6:16:29 PM.
    > ramellam wrote:
    > I took my phone to the Apple store for repair/exchange this evening. The Genius first said that he had not heard of the issue (yeah, right! total lie). I told him there are nearly 70 pages on the Apple Support forum for this exact issue. He immediately dismissed my comment and said, “We typically don’t lend too much credence to support forum posts…” Ok….
    > Anyhow, the Genius made a call on my phone and, of course, he did not encounter any of the proximity issues I’m having. He gave the phone back to me and said, “There doesn’t appear to be any issues with your phone. You’ll just have to get used to the new Proximity Sensor location on the iPhone 4…” I was like, “Ummm… Huh?” He refused to exchange the phone.
    > Luckily, I bought my phone from Best Buy on launch day. I immediately went back to Best Buy and the Mobile Phone sales guy said they’ve already had 9 of their 30 launch day iPhones returned due to antenna and proximity sensor issues. He put me on a list to exchange the phone. Luckily, I have 45 days to exchange the phone, since I’m a Best Buy silver rewards card holder…
    > Anyhow, I’m kinda bummed the Genius refused to help me :-(. He was rather arrogant, too, which really made me mad. Oh well… Back to Best Buy it goes…

    Wow just cause of this attitude of apple employees They are being SUED by lawyers well apple you should take this time and save yourself from another class action law suit for proximity sensors

    PS ~ Apple mods now don’t be wasting your time deleting this post since I have a right to say stuff when you guys sell us your defective product and I think if apple doesn’t address this issue then we all should return the Iphone 4 at lease those who are having this proximity issues.

    And also apple instead of deleting peoples post how about investigating why Iphone 4 proximity sensor is going haywire and maybe you will save yourself from another law suit and also people who are having problem with there iphone 4 with the proximity sensor do report it to KCR LEGAL LAW FIRM

  5. Chris says:

    Its about time people start realizing that apple products are just fancy looking junk.

  6. Jeff says:

    I wouldn’t say junk, but I do think they count way too much on their iZealots singing praises to worry about such mundane things as functional design rather than aesthetic design.

    Glass on both sides of the device, an antenna not well thought out, no idea why the proximity sensors are so whacked out… but hey, you can choose from 10,000 fart apps, so all is well.

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