[How-to] Root and install Android 2.1 on your T-Mobile G1[Update – Cyanogen 5.0.8]

We are moving the how-to root and install Android 2.1 on the G1 to our new forums in order to make discussion and questions easier to follow and answer. So if you are interested in rooting and installing newer versions of Android on your G1, you can follow the how-to guide in our forums here as well as ask any questions you might have before, during, and after.


Here is what you will need. Read on after the break…

First lets go through all the downloads so we have it all. Here are a list of files you will need to have on your PC/Mac that will all eventually be transfered to your G1. Download links are all available here:

*Warning* – This could potentially brick your phone, if you follow every step you shouldn’t have any issues, however we are not responsible for any problems/issues you have with your G1. Please follow each step carefully, slowly, and if you need there are video guides for most of it at theunlockr to get you through the first half. They are very helpful.

*Before you begin any of the sections, make sure you have a proper android backup via the recovery screen. Here is a video and written guide on how to Backup/Restore your phone. Please watch and read it carefully before beginning. It is pretty simple and there is a video showing you how to: http://theunlockr.com/2010/02/06/how-to-backup-and-restore-your-android-phone/


1. Check if you have a PVT or DVT board

a. Power off your phone and enter bootloader (Camera + Power)
b. Check look at the top and see if it says PVT of DVT


3. If you have PVT you can do everything just fine. You can now turn your phone off and back on to its normal state

If you already have your G1 ROOTED and have a Custom Recovery Image similar to Amon Ra’s, then go ahead and skip steps 1-34 (but make sure you do steps 22-24). Make sure you have downloads 8-12 and you rename them accordingly.


1. Original DreamIMG here

2. Cupcake Update.zip here

3. FlashRec.epk here

4. Amon_Ra’s Recovery Img here

5. G1 Radio here

6. G1 HardSPL Here

7. Generic G1 Root w/root here


All files previous to this dotted line are for users who do NOT have a rooted G1 already. Those files are needed only to Root and install a stock rooted ROM for the first time. The rest of these downloads are for the Cyanogen Radio, SPL, and ROM that will put Android 2.1.  If you do not have a Rooted G1 you WILL need every file I have put up.

8. Cyanogen Mod 5.0.7 here

9. Google Apps for CyanMod here <- Update – Added a new download link. Should work now.

10. OTA Radio update here

11. Danger SPL here

12. CyanogenMod Update here <- Update – This is a newer update released on 6/19/2010. This is version 5.0.8 and has a ton of new features/fixes. Download this newer version here -> download

If you have already followed this process before and just want the latest update, all you have to do is download #12, add it to you SD card, and flash it the same way you flashed the older update before. You do NOT need a wipe in order to upgrade. However you DO need do a backup before doing so. If anything goes wrong you can just go back to your previous backup. Make sure you have read every step in the guide carefully before doing so if you feel unsure.


Now that you have downloaded everything. Lets make sure we don’t mix anything up.

Rename download number 10 (Radio update) to Radio.zip (if your compute does not display .zip after the name even if it is a Zip file, then just rename it to Radio. Zip is already there but it is hidden)

Rename download number 11 (Danger SPL) to SPL.zip. (again if your OS does not display .zip after the name of a Zip file, then just rename it to SPL and .zip will be there but will be hidden)

Rename download number 8 (Cyanogen MOD 5.0.7 Test 1) to ROM.zip (same procedure as before. Don’t name it .Zip if your PC never shows .Zip after the name of a Zip file.)

Now that you have all the downloads and they are all proper names. Make sure you copy and paste or back up everythign on your SD card to your computer because you will have to erase the SD card more than once. Also backup your applications so you can re-download them later. (Linda manager does this pretty well but it does not save App data) Okay so here goes, please read carefully.

Part 1 -Video for steps 1 through 21 can be found here

1. Plug your phone into your computer via USB. Pull down the notification tray and select (Mount SD CarD).

2. Now transfer downloads 1 and 2 (Original Dream IMG and Cupcake.Zip) to your G1. Do NOT put it in a folder. Just place it directly on the SD card.

3.  Unmount the G1 from your PC and then turn off you G1.

4. Now turn on the phone by pressing AND holding the Camera key and the End call key until the boot loader screen pops up

5. Once the boot loader screen is up, press the ‘end call’ key on your G1 to begin the update. Let it finish.

6. Once the update is done installing, it will tell you to press the trackball to finish or restart the phone. Go ahead and press the track ball. At this step my phone did restart on its own. So I waited about 60 seconds and I just pulled the battery and turned the phone back on myself.

7. Make sure your phone turns on properly. Then turn the phone right back off. Now turn the phone back on by pressing ‘Home’ and ‘Power’ buttons on your G1 until you get to recovery mode (you’ll see the screen with the exclamation point !.)

8. Now that you are in recovery mode, slide out your G1’s keyboard and press ALT + L to bring up the menu, then press Alt + S to install the update.

9. Once the phone finishes installing the update and reboots, go ahead and go through the android setup process to get back to the home screen.

10. Now you are going to be Flashing the recovery image. On the phone go to Settings>Applications and make sure you DO allow installation of applications from Unknown Sources. There should be a check mark next to ‘Allow Unknown Sources’.

11. Now go to Settings>SD Card and Phone Storage. Click ‘Unmount SD Card’

12. Then click ‘Format SD card’ then it will ask ‘Erase Everything’ Click that button as well. (This will erase everything on your SD card so make sure you backed up your photos, music, and anything else on your SD card to your computer) The SD card should automatically Re-Mount after it finishes formating.

13. After it finishes, plug your phone back into your computer Via USB, bring down the notification tray and choose ‘Mount USB for file transfer’.

14. Now drag files #3 (Flashrec.apk) and #4 (Amon_Ra’s Recovery Image) from your computer to your phones SD card. Do not put it inside any folders. Just drag and drop it directly to the SD card.

15. Now go to the Android market on your phone, search ‘Linda’. Download the app called ‘Linda File Manager’

16. Unplug your phone from the computer. Open the Linda File manager application and go to where it says ‘SD Card’

17. Find the Flashrec.APK file and click it. If it asks, tell it to use Package Installer to open it. It should automatically just install the APK.

18. Now open the Flashrec program on your phone, and click the ‘Backup Recovery Image’ and wait for it to finish.

19. Once it is finished, click on the empty text box, with your keyboard type: /sdcard/recovery.img

20. Click on the Flash Custom Recovery Image button and wait for it to finish.

21. Now turn off the phone. Then turn the phone back on by pressing and holding the ‘Home’ and ‘Power’ buttons until the Recovery screen comes back. It should be black with some yellow text. If you are on this screen. Then you have done everything correctly so far. GREAT JOB! We still have work to do though so let us continue on.

Part 2 – Video for steps 22-34 can be found here

22. Now from this recovery screen you were left on. You can control it by using the trackball and make selections by press down on the trackball. You need to use the trackball and scroll to the option called ‘Partition SD Card’. Then choose ‘Partition SD card’. Press ‘home’ to comfirm. This will again erase everything from your SD card. When it asks, where it says ‘swap’ use the trackball to change the number and make it ’96 MB’. Then press ‘Home’ to confirm’.

23. Now where it says Ext 2-Size, make sure that number says 512MB. Then press the ‘Home’ button to confirm. It will automatically fill in fat32 for remainder. Then press the ‘Home’ button again to finish.

24. Once it’s finished partitioning the memory card, click on Partition SD card > Then choose SD: Ext2 to Ext3 and press ‘Home’ to confirm. Once that is finished you can press ‘Back’ to go back to the recovery screen.

25. Now from this recovery screeen.  Use the trackball to scroll down to USB-MS Toggle and press down on the trackball.

26. Plug your phone into your computer via USB cable and you should now be able to put files to and from your G1 and your computer.

27. Once it is plugged in, drag items #5 (G1 Radio), #6 (G1 Hard SPL), and #7 (Generic G1 W/ Root) from your computer to the SD card of your phone.

28. Once they finish updating, unplug your phone from the computer. Then press the ‘Home’ button on your phone to disable USB-MS Toggle

29. When the Recovery home screen comes back up, scroll down to ‘Flash Zip from SD card’. You NEED to flash the radio FIRST! Do not do this out of order. So once you are in this screen scroll to to the G1 Radio that you put on the phone and press down on the trackball.

30. Follow the steps on the screen, once it finishes the Radio it will ask you to reboot the phone by pressing a combination of the ‘Home and ‘Back’ buttons on your phone. Go ahead and do this and let the phone reboot.

31. Once the phone is finished rebooting, go ahead and scroll back down to ‘Flash Zip From SD card’. This time select ‘G1 Hard SPL’. This will should ask your to confirm and then will install similar to the Radio. Once it is finished it will ask your to press ‘Home and Back’ buttons to reboot the phone. Do is it says and reboot.

32. Now you will be back on the Recovery screen. This time, scroll down to where it says ‘Wipe’ and choose Wipe data/Factory reset and wait for it to finish.

33. Once the wipe finishes, go back to the main recovery screen, scroll down to ‘Flash Zip from SD Card’. This time you are going to scroll down and choose the ‘Generic G1 w/ Root. Let it install, it should take a bit longer than the Radio and SPL.

34. Once it finishes, go ahead and click the ‘Reboot System now’ option from the top of the recovery screen.

The root and flashing of your first ROM is now DONE! You now have a rooted version of Android 1.6 and are ready to move on to the next few steps. If you do not want Android 2.1 from Cyanogen on your phone, you can just use this version which will allow you to use Root applications. If you want to use Android 2.1, please continue on with the steps.

Before continuing on, please do a Nandroid backup from the recovery screen. It will save the state your phone is currently in which should be a working phone with Android 1.6 rooted.


From here on is where the most potential for a brick is possible. According to the folks at XDA, when you change the SPL to the ‘Danger SPL’ that we have downloaed, it could brick your phone. It worked fine for me and a friend of mine. So make sure you did not skip any steps previously and make sure you do not skip any steps now. Just as a reminder:


1. Check if you have a PVT or DVT board. To do this:

a. Power off your phone and enter boot loader by holding (Camera + Power)

b. Check look at the top and see if it says PVT of DVT


3. If you have PVT you can do everything just fine. You can now turn your phone off and back on to its normal state

If you have PVT then lets continue:

Backup! Before you begin with this portion, please make sure you have backed up your phone via Nandroid backup in the recovery screen before moving on.’

35. Plug your phone into a computer and choose to ‘Mount SD card’ so you can transfer files to and from the computer.

36. Put download files #8 (Cyanogen Mod 5.0.7 Test 1), #9 (Google Apps for CyanMod), #10 (OTA Radio update), and #11 (Danger SPL) onto your SD card from your computer. Now remember, you renamed some of these files earlier. The only 1 not renamed is Google apps, the others should be called #8 ROM.zip, #10 Radio.zip, and #11 SPL.zip. (Do not add .zip if your PC doesn’t normally show .zip for Zip files)

37. Unplug your phone from the PC and turn it off. Then turn the phone back on in Recovery mode by pressing and holding the ‘Home’ and ‘Power’ buttons.

38. Once in recovery mode, scroll down with the trackball to where it says ‘Flash Zip from SD Card’. Press down on the trackball to select this option. Then scroll choose ‘Radio.zip’. You might need to press ‘Home’ to confirm if it asks. Once it is finished installing it will ask for you to reboot. You do this by pressing a combination of the ‘Home’ and ‘Back’ buttons.

39. Once the phone reboots back into recovery mode, you will again go to the option ‘Flash Zip from SD card’. This time you will choose the SPL.Zip. It might ask you to confirm by pressing the ‘Home’ button. Go ahead and do so. Once it is finished it will ask you to reboot the phone again by pressing ‘Home’ and ‘Back’. Go ahead and do so.

40. It might ‘NOT’ reboot back into recovery after this, if it is stuck on the G1 logo, go ahead and reboot the phone by pressing Talk + Menu + Power and then hold the ‘Home’ button to get back into recovery.

41. Once you are back in the Recovery screen, go down to ‘Wipe’. It will ask if you want to do a factory data reset, go ahead and do this.

42. Once the Wipe is complete, go back to the main recovery screen and scroll down to ‘Flash Zip from SD Card’. This time you will choose ROM.Zip. It might ask you to press ‘Home’ to confirm. Go ahead and do so. It will then either automatically reboot or ask you to reboot by pressing ‘Home’ and ‘Back’. go ahead and do so.

43. Once the phone turns on, go ahead and go through the Android set-up until you are back at the home screen. The phone might take an extremely long time to load during this first boot. It could take up to 15 minutes so do not panic if it is on the loading screen for  a long time. It will now be Android 2.1 but you still have 1 more step. Cyanogen put out an update to this ROM that makes it more stable and work much better.

44. Go ahead and Mount the phone to your computer so you can transfer files. Drag and drop download #12. (CyanogenMod Update). This file should have a long name and at the end say ‘Test 7’. You don’t need to rename this. Go ahead and put it on your SD card (not inside any folders) then turn the phone off.

45. Turn the phone on in recovery mode by pressing the ‘Home’ and ‘Power’ buttons. Scroll down to and select ‘Flash Zip from SD Card’.

46. Choose the Google apps Zip that you put on the phone earlier. (Download #9). It might ask you to press the ‘Home button to confirm’ Go ahead and do so. If it asks for a reboot, go ahead and do so by pressing the ‘Home’ and ‘Back’ button. If not then you should press ‘back’ to get to the main recovery screen.

47. Once you are back to the recovery screen, go back to ‘Flash Zip from SD card’ one last time. This time choose the most recent Cyanogen update that you put on your SD. (Download #12). If it asks, press the ‘Home’ button to confirm. Let it install, then if it asks for a reboot go ahead and press ‘Home and ‘back’ buttons to do so. If it does not ask you to reboot, and takes you back to the recovery screen. Choose ‘Reboot phone’ from the recovery screen.

And thats it! You are all done! 45 easy steps! None of it is really that hard, but it can be confusing if you do not follow along step by step.

If you have any questions, please ask me @Blayze04 on twitter. I will be happy to help if I can.

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55 Responses to [How-to] Root and install Android 2.1 on your T-Mobile G1[Update – Cyanogen 5.0.8]

  1. darth scorn says:

    Seriously the best how to ever. Great post and I’m trying it now.

  2. Why thank you! ^^ Let me know if you have any questions. It is actually pretty easy even though there are a lot of steps. Just do one at a time.

    • Harish Kumar says:

      hey daniel i cant find the generic Generic G1 ROM w/ Root download , help plz

  3. kato says:

    Thank you so much. I can update my sis but have to wait for the droid 2.2

  4. neil says:

    Thanks for this guide. Quick question about SD card. I’ve been wanting to get a larger (8 or 16gb?) SD card for my G1. Before attempting the Root and 2.1 install, could I just replace the old (1gb) SD card that came in my phone with a brand new one so that the newly rooted 2.1 ROM G1 would now have a larger SD card?

  5. @neil Yes. You can replace it. If you go to any local store you can buy what is called a ‘Micro SD’. The G1 only officially supports 8GB or less. So I would recommend if you can find an 8GB SD card, to use that.

    Also SD cards have different read/write speeds. Class 2, 4, and 6. So if you are going to buy an SD card make sure to read on the package that it is a class 6 because those are the fastest.

    • 16gb microSD’s work fine in the G1, just do yourself a favor and get a Class 6 only.

  6. Solsun says:

    Worked on 2 different g1’s without any problems. I love the new features with android 2.1 and it’s worth it to upgrade if your thinking about doing it.

  7. joseph says:

    i am having trouble at the recovery page update. it does not successfully update, do the files need to be unzipped? or do they still need to be zip files? And what is the EXACT name they should be

    • What step are you on? There really isn’t any SPECIFIC name it needs to be. Any name should work. If you are on Windows XP the file should be a Zip and should be named any name with .Zip at the end. For example if you named it CyanogenROM507 then add .zip CyanogenROM507.zip So you put it in the ROOT of the SD card whihc is on the very outside NOT inside any folders or anything. Let me know which step exactly that you are on and I will try to help you further.

  8. joseph says:


    Thank you for your timely response. I NOW HAVE IT WORKING!

    And life is awesome.

    You guys prevented me from going to the dark side… (verizon or sprint)

    Wtf, why can’t google get their shit together and just make this happen. Performance so far is great. I CANNOT WAIT FOR 2.2

  9. Corey says:

    This step by step guide was by far the best one I have found online. Followed each step exactly and my G1 is now running Android 2.1 and am very happy about it!!!

    However, I am having one major problem. I CANNOT get the Google Sync to work AT ALL. I always get the “Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server. this could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call customer care.” error. This error occurs both via wi-fi and my 3G connection. I’m able to open the browser and cruise the web no problem. I have searched all over the internet and tried all the suggested fixes. It seems that for everyone but me doing a factory reset fixed the problem. Please help me!

    • Try this, go into recovery mode. Do a back up real quick just in case. Then do a ‘wipe’ and try re flashing the cyanogen rom. Then apply the update again and tell me if that works. Don’t forget to add google apps. Let me know how it goes. As long as you do a back up nothing can really go too wrong. So do a wipe then flash the cyanogen rom again and report back here.

      • Corey says:

        Ok I did just as you instructed. I did a backup, ran ROM.zip, then the update and then the Google Aps, no dice. My phone booted up exactly as I left it (shortcuts, contacts, messages, everything). And I still receive the same error when trying to add my Google account. Right now I’m using the generic email app which is fine, and it’s a good thing I saved my contacts to my SIM card. However, having no access to the Android Market is killing me! I appreciate your help!

    • Okay. Under the downloads section in the beginning of the post i Updated download #12. Go ahead and download the newest download link I put there. Now since you have already backed up the phone from the previous time I told you. Just go to recovery mode. Wipe the phone again. Wipe all data, both cache and data. Then go back to the main recovery screen. Flash the Cyanogen ROM like you did previously. Then flash Cyanogen update (The new one I put up on step # 12) then add the Google apps. Let me know if it works! Don’t freak out if it doesn’t because you can go back to Android 1.6 if worse comes to worse.

      • Corey says:

        I’m not sure exactly what you did, but you are a genius! So far everything has been working perfectly! A huge thank you! I really appreciate you going out of your way to help me out. Truly impressed. Thank you!!!!!!

    • No problem! I am so glad I could help out. When Cyanogen posts Android 2.2 for G1 everyone on FoneFrenzy will be the first to know. I will make sure to post it up on the site. Enjoy 2.1!

  10. That is weird. Okay I am going to have I try the same procedure again. This time instead of using the update provided in this post ill put up another 1. Wait for me to switch it out. I will when I get home. I’ll comment here agaain when its up. So keep an eye out.

  11. josh says:

    have a question before i start ive been told by many that trying to root g1 is not mac friendly but if this is wrong what would i name the zip files?

    • I believe you can name the the exact same thing just with .zip at the end. The files just need to be easily recognizable and if your name changes the file type that you did it wrong. You just want to make sure, if it is a Zip file in my list of downloads, then you want to put it on your G1 as a zip file regardless of the name. Just make sure it IS a ZIP

    • One thing to remember; the ADB (Android Developer Bridge) is included in the SDK, which is available on both desktop OSes. Commands aren’t OS specific, as most common commands are recognised in both terminal environments.

      Example: ‘cd’ will change directories on both Windows and Mac, ‘dir’ will pull up a directory list, etc…

  12. Jonathon says:

    thanks for the awesome guide but the google app pack link does not work, is there anyway you can update it please.

    • Sure, I am not at a PC now but when I get to 1 I will update it for you.

      Also for anyone else interested, there is a newer update version that I will post for you as well today. Just flash it on top of the cyanogen ROM. Just make sure you back up before flashing it. I will post it at the bottom of the instructions list when it’s up

    • Okay I added a new download link for the App Pack. let me know if you have any questions!

  13. Update – There is a newer version of Cyanogen Mod that came out about a week ago. I updated the post to include this. If you want to download it go to the downloads section of this guide. Read through it, it explains everything there! Let me know if you have any questions.

  14. JohanP says:

    Great guide, thanks. I”m stuck on step with an error message “Signature incorrect update fail”.

    Any ideas?



    • What step number exactly are you on? Also, did you start the guide from scratch?

  15. JohanP says:


    I’m here: “5. Once the boot loader screen is up, press the ‘end call’ key on your G1 to begin the update. Let it finish.”

    I have started the guide from scratch, downloading all the files as per the links given.
    Is this guide for all version of the G1? I’ve got one of the newer ones which came with ver 1.5 out of the box.


    • Okay do m a favor, watch the first 5 minutes or so of this video. It goes through all the same steps but with a visual guide. Let me know if you did exactly everything he did or if maybe there was something different.


  16. JohanP says:

    No problem, will do and report back.

    Thanks for the help.

  17. JohanP says:

    Not sure if it’s my browser but I don’t see a video on the link you’ve posted.
    From that, the only thing different is this: “6. Hit the End key to start the update. DO NOT INTERUPT THIS PROCESS.” On my G1 I need to hit the track ball to start the update.

    • Yeah it is a Flash video. Okay well try the new difference and see if that is making a difference at all. To be honest I am not sure what the problem can be right now. I have been trying to think of what it could be, but I have never heard of the issue and while following the steps it has worked for me flawlessly more than once.

  18. JohanP says:

    Yeah, I’m also confused because nothing seems to work – I’ve tried lots of different tutorials and this phne seems to be more stubborn than most.

    Here are some pictures:

    I’ll let you know if I have any luck. I’m giving up for the day. 😉

    • I will look into it. Maybe the update file is no longer good. I will see if I can find another one and replace it here on the site. I will let you know when that happens.

  19. JohanP says:

    Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

  20. DaLude says:

    THE best step by step instructions on the internet! couldn’t be any simpler, an idiot like myself did it with no problem, thanks buddy

  21. Russ says:

    Great instructions…never tried this before and it worked great….one question? if i want to swap out sd cards do i need to do anything to the new sd card

  22. ecoles says:

    worked GREAT for my G1!! but yea can we delete the stuff off the memory card now?

  23. Yannis says:

    Thanks a lot! Flashed my phone with no problem, so easy to have it step by step as you put it.

    Looking forward to doing a full wipe and updating to CM6 when its released in a stable format. I saw the forums over at XDA updated July 11th with the 1st Release Candidate.

  24. Just an update for everyone, I realize you are all looking forward to cm 6 (Froyo 2.2). The RC version out now is still pretty buggy and I have had nothing but problems. As soon as a kore stable version is released I will update the guide to include it.

  25. Jayesh Raninga says:

    Dear Daniel, I thank you very much for all the efforts you put for us. I have one question.

    I have G1 and updated successfully 2.1. When using, I found that the application in background do not work. They just stop. for an eg. Suppose i am working in opera. and then if I go to msging and come back to opera after sending or receiving the msg, the opera will restart again. as if I am starting the fresh one. I came to know that when I am leaving one application and going to other, the current application stops. and I have to reopen it again. Please Suggest.


  26. harmeet says:

    help guys….

    after these steps…

    25. Now from this recovery screeen. Use the trackball to scroll down to USB-MS Toggle and press down on the trackball.
    26. Plug your phone into your computer via USB cable and you should now be able to put files to and from your G1 and your computer.

    when i plug it in computer it ask to format it the card… what to do ??
    if i format it what about the partitions….

    pls help stuck in b/w….

  27. VICMANROQ says:

    Just rooted my phone and it was a success. Followed the instructions as well as the videos and everything went perfect. Would be nice to have a video for #35 to #45 just because the video reassured me I was reading correctly. Great job on this tutorial.

  28. VICMANROQ says:

    Now that I completed the process, can I delete the files that I placed on my SD or should I leave them on just in case.? Talking about Generic rooted G1 and the other apps that were not deleted in the process.

  29. Moftah Al Helali says:

    man your Are awesome. you’v done it correctly with a simple steps. Thank you body soooooooooo much

  30. patrick says:

    Why does it say to back -up your phone and use the back-up guide before you root, when the guide says you have to root the phone to back it up. Is there a way to back up my phone with out rooting it, before I start the actually rooting that you suggest? If I root the phone per the back-up guide,
    do i Not have to do your root?

  31. Tony Peric says:

    We have moved this post thread over to our forums in order to help you discuss the topic:


  32. alex says:

    This saved my g1

    • Tony Peric says:

      You’re welcome. Great post by DANIEL the man and Senior editor of the site!!!

  33. VICMANROQ says:

    Have you been able to unlock the G2 yet, lol. Looking forward to it.

  34. WesMo says:

    When i clinked some of the links the megaupload website said the files were unavailable. Where should I go to get them?

  35. totalnewbie says:

    wow! what an experience. Only took me 5 hours and a couple of scary situations where I was convinced my tmobile G1 was dead but I made it through and all is okay… Thank you so much! Now my phone is as cool as my 17 yr. old daughters mytouch. I have a feeling I’m going to love my new phone!

  36. kashif says:


    i am kashif and i was also trying to update my G1 but i am stuck after the cupcake update, becuase now after the system restart he need internet for update of gmail account but unfortunately my mobile is not getting wifi signal and in my sim gps is not connecting. my location is bahrain.

    please help me in this regards.


  37. michael s says:

    alright i just finished your entire setup process … it all works perfectly except for one minor thing … everything is kinda slow and laggy … i already have your most recent update … any way to fix it or is that just the nature of the beast? … bcuz its not a problem i dont mind it … was just curious

  38. Sheraz says:

    Thanks dear, i really appreciate your great step by step help, i was looking on the Google to update my G1 to 2.1 & finally i have updated it.


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