Bloomberg says the is iPhone coming to Verizon in January

Another day another Verizon rumor, but this one seems pretty credible. Bloomberg says that it has confirmed with 2 sources who are working on the project, that the iPhone will be coming to Verizon in January 2011. Bloomberg goes on to say that the iPhone exclusivity will end at the same time that the iPhone goes on sale on Verizon. So is this something AT&T has to be worried about? Moreover, is this something Android, Palm, Microsoft, and RIM should be worried about? These 4 companies have until January to introduce a phone that has more hype, better specs, and a more attractive UI than Apple and its iPhone. RIM is working on Blackberry OS 6 which has a full touch interface as well as a handful of new devices that will launch with the new OS. Palm is working on a new version of WebOS that is going to be launched in the Fall, hopefully with some new hardware by the Palm/HP team. Google is working on Android 3.0 with an expected Fall/Winter release and there will certainly be some new devices around that time by HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Dell, and Sony Ericsson. Microsoft is set to launch its brand new Windows Phone 7 platform in October and they also have a handful of manufacturers working on getting out some good hardware. So who should be worried most?

If this were to have happened a year ago, I would have said everyone else, but Apple. AT&T exclusivity has been very rewarding for Apple, however the length of this exclusivity is now nothing more than a burden. If I had to say which company should be worried, I would say Apple. Yes Apple has been doing a fantastic job and sales are far and away their best yet. But Apple’s new iPhone 4 and iOS 4 platforms are both in some ways playing catch up to Android, Blackberry, and WebOS. All 3 of which haven’t even unveiled their latest offerings and will in the Fall. I think we are going to be seeing a whole new battle ground come this Winter and I think the iPhone finally coming to Verizon in 2011 might just be too late. I could be wrong though. Apple as of now still has the mind-share.

[Via Bloomberg]

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3 Responses to Bloomberg says the is iPhone coming to Verizon in January

  1. Anthony N. says:

    im seriously never going to believe anything until i see a verizon iphone in the flesh..hopefully someone will leave it at a bar 😛

  2. yohan says:

    cool, Iphone design is really awesome 🙂

  3. i love the grey..

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