Apple allows 3rd party app ‘Fring’ to do video chat over 3G and Flashlight apps can use the new LED

Apple is not the type that allows apps in the App Store that replicate existing features. It may be possible that they are lightening up on the App Store restrictions. Apple’s brand new baby, the iPhone 4, has an LED light on the back of the phone. This LED is used for recording video and taking pictures. It will help add light to the scene. However, it can now be used in case of emergencies. Apple is allowing developers to put flashlight applications that use the actual LED for lighting in the App Store. Most apps just open up to a switch that allows you to turn the LED on or off. This has been available since the Motorola Droid came out on Android, so Apple isn’t the first, but it is surprising they allowed it none the less. That isn’t the only app that is surprisingly accepted into the App Store…

Apple has also accepted the Fring update into the App Store. Fring, the multi IM client, can now do video calls over 3G using the front facing camera. Yes, no more proprietary Facetime application with its funny name and restricted features. With the growth of Android, it is a lot less likely that all your friends will have the iPhone 4. What they will have is a smart phone that can do video chat, and now you can chat directly with them using Fring. Fring can do 3G video chatting over 3G to any other device using Fring or even a computer using Skype. Were you trying to convince your friend the an HTC EVO to come to the iPhone 4 because of Facetime? No need! You can call him with your iPhone 4 using the latest version of Fring. Also, since it doesn’t force you to do so over WiFi, you can actually show someone things that are happening in real-time outside of your house. So if you haven’t already, head over to the App Store and get your Flashlight and Video chatting apps. Search for LED Flashlight and Fring.

[Via Fring]

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2 Responses to Apple allows 3rd party app ‘Fring’ to do video chat over 3G and Flashlight apps can use the new LED

  1. ranggaw0636 says:

    At last apple face the world and remove some of their stupid restriction

  2. yohan says:

    i love it, thank you 🙂

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