HTC quarterly sales rockets up 63% due to Android

You know that HTC is smiling from ear to ear when posting their sales revenues so far this year. According to the report, revenues year over year for June alone grew 66.68 percent. The increase is due to the relationship with Google using the Android platform to utterly dominate the handset market as the number one maker of Android handsets in the world.

The second quarter results for HTC show a total revenue of NT$ 60,532 million (US$ 1.88 billion) with a profit of NT$ 8,641 million (US$ 268 million) after taxes. This represents a 62 percent improvement over the first quarter of this year.
You can bet the Google/HTC relationship will be strong in the long term future of Android development and adoption worldwide.
HTC: Revenues, June 2010 (NT$m)
Revenues 2010 2009 Difference YoY Growth
June 23,858 14,314 9,544 66.68%
January-June 98,230 69,792 28,438 40

Source: Company, compiled by Digitimes, July 2010

HTC: Financial results, 2Q10 (NT$m)
Item 2010 2009
1H 2Q
Total Revenues 37,697 60,532 98,229 38,202 69,792
Total Operating Income 5,511 9,172 14,683 6,894 11,740
Net Income Before Tax 5,721 9,692 15,413 7,114 12,506
Net Income After Tax 4,998 8,641 13,639 6,505 11,379
After-tax EPS (NT$)
(Before ex-rights)
6.38 11.17 17.52
After-tax EPS (NT$)
(After ex-rights)
6.08 10.62 16.68 8.30* 14.52*

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