HTC Vision is European-only QWERTY bound Android handset?

I knew that my Mother and Father immigrating to the U.S. and meeting each other in Cleveland would come back to help me one day. Being of Croatian decent and actually able to speak the language comes in handy sometimes, and this is one of those times. After I saw this story posted over on Engadget a few days back, I got into contact with a few “in-the-know” Hrvat brotha’s to find what is the deal with this new HTC handset. Being able to correspond in my parents native tongue, makes getting more information bit easier on this new HTC Vision.

Low and behold, the original site, had removed the post, but not before I could get some needed information. The site itself is a classified ads place and the HTC QWERTY known as the Vision, was actually being sold on the site. From my understanding, no transaction actually took place and the ad was removed by the webmaster at the request of HTC.

The specs of the phone were reported (from the actual owner of the device) to be what he was able to find under the hood: 3.7″ touch-screen, 1 GHz processor, sporting Android 2.1. Sense enabled, full-QWERTY slide-out keyboard, an optical trackpad, and it uses a SIM card.

Now skip ahead a couple of days and Light Reading reports an interview with a Deutsche Telekom spokesperson, parent company of T-Mobile:

The handset is understood to be the world’s first HSPA+ smartphone, and it will be the first phone that is made to handle T-Mobile’s upgraded 3G network with peak downlink network speeds of up to 21 Mbit/s. While that is the theoretical maximum speed, in the real world the data rates experienced on this smartphone will be closer to 10 Mbit/s.

The “new” device is said to be launching this September. Well, the good news is the device you are looking at above is “the” device said to be launching this September, fully capable of supporting up to 21 Mbps of downloading speed.

The bad news is, and what was clearly missed in the original ad posted on, the device is new to “Hrvatska” (Croatia), therefore, for now, it is a European only device. The HTC Vision is set to make an appearance on T-Hrvatski Telekom (and other Deutsche Telekom supported carriers based in Europe) this September.

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One Response to HTC Vision is European-only QWERTY bound Android handset?

  1. yohan says:

    I love qwerty :, thank you 🙂

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