Samsung Galaxy Beam, An Android Powered Smartphone….with a Picoprojector :D

Samsung Galaxy BeamZOOOOOOOOMGWTFBBQKITTENS! So, Samsung is preparing to release a new Galaxy phone in Singapore on July 17th on StarHub (no price or date yet for the U.S) boasting Android 2.1 (with a 2.2 update en route, and eventually 3.0). But there is something different about this particular model, branded the Galaxy Beam (GT i8520). Notice something different about the top of the phone? No, it’s not a camera. It’s a Pico projector :D. Yes a Pico Projector in a Galaxy line Android smartphone, capable of projecting a 5-50″ image (probably requiring a relatively dark environment).

I seriously hope that we see a U.S release of this phone some time in the near future, because I desperately want one. I’ve wanted a Pico projector for a while, but they’re kind of pricey and I don’t really NEED one, but I do want one…. a lot. So as you can imagine, the announcement of this phone gave me a geek toy induced aneurysm. Here are a few of it’s specs.

-1Ghz processor (based on the Galaxy line of phones, but not confirmed)

-3.7″ Super AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen Display

-8MP camera w/ flash and HD recording

-Front facing VGA camera

-16GB Internal Storage w/ additional 32GB expandable MicroSD slot

-Bluetooth 3.0

-802.11 B/G/N Wireless

-TV Output

-FM Radio

-USB 2.0 port

-Assisted GPS

-800 mAh battery affording you 7 hours talk time, and 530 hours of standby.


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About Dillon Hanson
Dillon here. I'm 23 years old, married, and I'm a medic in the U.S Army, fresh out of Iraq. I'm stationed in Germany (pops beer cap) for the time being, and awaiting my wife to join me. I'm a relapsing tech geek. I can't say exactly what it is that attracted me to technology, I've just always been drawn to it. I started out intrigued by the computers at school. In 6th grade I finally got my first computer, a hand me down DOS box. I can't remember the model to save my life, but it had a 5.25" drive and a dot matrix printer that was excrutiatingly loud. A few years later I found myself in trouble at school with computers, so I supressed my inner geek. Since then I've dabbled in Linux and programming, worked for a short time in the wireless industry, but for the most part just enjoyed technology instead of making technology itself a hobby. Now I find myself rediscovering it's appeal. I enjoy playing with electronics in general, but get a real rush from manipulation. I don't screw with "hacking" in the Kevin Mitnick sense these days, but unlocking, jailbreaking, modifying, and customizing presents a challenge and can pay off with some real eye candy, added functionality, and WTF reactions. My phone OS of choice is Android, though I think my wife would sooner divorce me than get rid of her iPhone. lol. I use a rooted HTC Hero (European) for my mobile device.

3 Responses to Samsung Galaxy Beam, An Android Powered Smartphone….with a Picoprojector :D

  1. yohan says:

    wow, really cool nice post 🙂

  2. Dillon Hanson says:

    ahaha, well thank you!

  3. cant wait to hold it..
    i hope i can buy it…

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