Apple’s iPhone 4 event wrap up

If you haven’t heard already (sorry we are late to the party), Apple held a press conference today. The press conference was based solely on the iPhone 4 and it’s antenna issues. Apple started off the conference the way they usually do. They discussed sales, they discussed how much love critics have for the product, and they discussed how much end users absolutely love the iPhone 4. What we want to do is get down to the brass tax. Apple said that the iPhone 4 antenna issue is a very real issue despite some Apple fan sites denying it as if they were going to lose  a blood relative to some of Apple’s hit men. Apple discussed the issue, showed where the antenna has the problem, and said that its not just the iPhone 4. Apple showed a demo video of multiple companies handsets that suffer from the same signal degradation from the supposed ‘Death Grip’.

Apple said the antenna issue has been around for a long time and that all manufacturers are working hard to do what they can to improve the problems, including Apple. They showed a few videos of them replicating the ‘death grip’ issue on other phones like the Samsung Omnia and the HTC Droid Eris. Apple said there is no software fix that they know of and that the issue isn’t as big of a deal as the media is making it seem. According to Apple, there have been very few customers complaints sent in by phone (if people still do complain this way). The customer satisfaction rating is at an all time high and sales are as well. Apple managed to sell 3 million iPhones in the first 3 weeks. Apple will also offer bumpers, among other cases, with the purchase of the iPhone 4. If you have purchased the iPhone 4 you can go out and get a free case right now. Let the Apple employee know within an Apple store that you need a case to prevent signal loss and they will get one for you. You better get one soon though because this offer ends September 30th. How is signal over all?

Apple claims the iPhone 4 has the best antenna design since the original iPhone’s launch. However, the iPhone 4 is suffering from more dropped calls than the iPhone 3GS. Apple said that the iPhone 4 drops 1 out of 100 calls more than the iPhone 3GS. The amount of dropped calls are worse, but they think it isn’t a significant change. So is this all satisfying enough for you?

I think it is great that Apple is working on making customers happy. I don’t think deflecting your unique issue onto other companies is the answer. We will have to wait until September 30th (the deadline for bumper give-aways) to find out if Apple has come up with an alternative fix.

Update – A post about the iPhone 4 signal loss, why other phones aren’t the same. Click here to view.

If you haven’t already, you can see everything Apple had to say at the event. They posted the conference on their site along with information about the problem.

Apple press event video here

Apple iPhone 4 reception issues page here

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