The iPhone 4 antenna problem isn’t just caused by the ‘death grip’, it only takes one finger

This is the single biggest problem I had with Apple’s attacks on other companies during their press event. Apple said every other manufacturer is suffering the same problem as the iPhone 4. They say the issue is an antenna problem that affects all smartphones. This is completely WRONG! Here is why…

The iPhone 4 suffers signal loss with the supposed ‘death grip’. This grip is performed by tightly holding around almost the entire body of the device. During Apple’s press conference, they showed other smartphones suffering from the same signal drops during the ‘death grip’. The problem is that no one holds their phone that tight while using it. These are not real world tests. The problem is not even just the death grip. Sure you can make a phone lose signal when you try, but what about accidentally making slight contact with one part of the phone? The iPhone 4 suffers from signal loss, worsened voice quality, and data connection loss when you even touch the lower left side. No death grip is needed. Don’t believe me?

Is this a death grip?

Or how about this, is this one a death grip?

And probably the most detailed yet, not just bars, but actual service interuption. THIS IS ALL WITH ONE FINGER!


I cannot replicate this signal degradation with only one finger on any other phone I have ever tried. What about you? Can you completely end all forms of communication on a communication device with only one finger? Great design or not, good press conference or not, Apple made a terrible choice in attacking other companies. Their antenna design is based on of an exterior antenna. This is why you only need one finger to completely stop the phone from working. RIM, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, and LG don’t have this problem. The reason is simple, their antenna is inside the phone. Am I crazy?

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I am 22 years old, I am a little bit new to writing but I love it and I am addicted to gadgets, whether it be Phones, PC's, OS's. Software. I love it all!

One Response to The iPhone 4 antenna problem isn’t just caused by the ‘death grip’, it only takes one finger

  1. You know in Apples letter regarding the iPhone 4 antenna issues they claim that they were ”shocked” to find out that it was such a massive issue. I think that they knew all along. In fact i found this article at .

    The article is called “Theories At Work; Jobs Knew About Antenna Woes”. Its rather interesting.

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