[Video] iPhone 4: First Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple Filed By Sacramento Law Firm

A Sacramento law firm is leading the way with the first class Action lawsuit against Apple, Inc. in Northern California, regarding the new iPhone 4’s Antenna-gate issue. J.R. Parker, a partner at Kershaw, Cutter & Rantinoff LLP, states in the video below that over 2,000 complaints have come flooding into their offices regarding the reception issues with the iPhone 4. Parker, a graduate of Harvard Law School in 2002 and he is also the Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, says “it’s too early to say – at this point” what the firm will request in compensation from Apple but you can sure bet, that after receiving 1,000 responses in the first day alone, they have some legal ground to stand on. Apple has yet to respond to the filed lawsuit.

The firm is not shy about taking credit Apple’s public press conference on Friday. They state that one of reasons (besides Consumer Reports and others that tested and complained about reception issues) that their lawsuit helped motivate Apple to go public with the attenuation problems with the iPhone 4. Unlike the class action suit directed at Apple and AT&T, this lawsuit by Kershaw, Cutter & Rantinoff LLP, is soley directed at Apple, Inc.

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3 Responses to [Video] iPhone 4: First Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple Filed By Sacramento Law Firm

  1. Stacy says:

    Good! Someone ought to teach Apple you can’t fuck with the public. I’ve already returned my iPhone 4 and got myself Android. Thanks Apple! I’m much happier now.

  2. darth storm says:

    I think that Apple should have headed off the issue at the very beginning. Then they wouldn’t have firms like this coming after them. Did anyone click on their settlements link? Apple had better start ponying up the dough!

  3. midibite says:

    Haha. Good for those ambulance chasers. They know Apple’s got 41 billion is cash and are trying to fuck their customers.

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