Apple has a good quarter, iPod sales down and all other sales are up

Today was the day that Apple released its financial results for its 3rd fiscal quarter. We aren’t a stock market site here so we aren’t going to get too heavy on the details, but here is what you might be interested in:

8.4 Million iPhones sold (1.7 million of those are iPhone 4)

3.3 Million iPad’s sold

9.4 million iPods sold

What do these numbers mean to us? Well it means a few things. A shift in the market for one. Apple looks to be slowly transitioning from Mac OS X to the new iOS as far as focus goes. They sold almost as many iPads as they did Macs in this last quarter. That coupled with the amount of iPhone sales just helps create this huge ecosystem that definitely outshines OS X. Also these numbers are important specifically for developers.

When a developer writes an app for a platform, one of the things they have to keep in mind is the potential audience. Right now, as far as mobile platforms go, iOS leads the way with over 100,000,000 iOS devices sold to date. This doesn’t mean there are that many active iOS devices in use, in fact I think we can say a good majority of the first gen iPod Touch and iPhone are probably in very little use and second gen are probably waning fast. Giving developers the benefit of the doubt, you’re looking at about 75,000,000 potential buyers for your application. This is a huge and easily accessible market. Also with there already being over 230,000 applications for iOS, it could also mean your app gets lost in the crowd. That is where advertising comes in. So if you are an Apple fan, now is the time for you to celebrate because your company is doing so damn well. But what about iPods?

Well the iPod market is the one market that is on the decline. Apple sold 8% less iPods this last quarter than the year before. This is partly because of the fact that everyone has an iPod. It is also in part of the fact that iPods are still freakin pricey for what they do. Look at the iPod touch. The initial sticker price on an iPod touch is $200 more than an iPhone which does more. I think Apple really needs to focus on bringing the prices down on all the iPods. They really only need a $100.00 iPod Nano 16GB, a $150.00 120GB iPod Classic, and a $200.00 iPod Touch. I can see sales growing dramatically if Apple could pull this off. Until then the iPod sector is going to continue to drop. Nothing to worry about though because there is a lot more growth in other areas.

[Via TiPb]

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