Sense UI development will continue on both Android 3 and Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is doing things completely different this time around. Right now Android has taken the role of Microsoft in terms of an open handset market that allows you to make whatever hardware you want with whatever customizations to the OS you want. Microsoft on the other hand has abandoned that technique and has decided to go for a more closed down market that allows for consistency across all devices sold by any manufacturers. This new strict policy was thought to prevent any and all OEM’s from skinning or applying any new UI’s to Windows Phone 7. However it looks like this might not be the case.

According to HTC’s Drew Bamford, HTC’s Sense UI will live on in both Android 3.0 and Windows Phone 7. He told Forbes that Sense will not be “fully integrated” into Windows Phone 7, but it will still play a role in the UI. Now the question is, do you even want Sense UI on your phone? Yeah Sense UI brings a lot of pretty to a UI. An example of this is the weather widget in Sense which always impresses me when I see it. However, Sense UI is notorious for slowing down the updating of devices. Who knows how long it will take HTC to get 2.2 on all the Sense UI devices out now, let alone Android 3.0 or Windows Phone 7. I prefer stock OS’s on almost any platform. I think most customers do too when it means their updates are faster.

[Via Forbes]

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