Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G Android Froyo 2.2 now ready for your downloads

Got a Sprint HTC EVO 4G? Been waiting for Android 2.2? You don’t need to wait any further. If you don’t mind performing a self-install, you can head on over to the update link, download the latest version HTC’s and drop this puppy on your phone.

Instructions a relatively simple (I’m doing this as I post): drop the .zip file to the root directory on your SD card.

  1. Download the Android 2.2 firmware update DOWNLOAD LINK
  2. Rename the file “update.zip” (make sure you don’t accidentally name it update.zip.ZIP).
  3. Move the zip file to the root directory of your EVO’s SD card.
  4. Shut down your phone and restart it in recovery mode by holding volume “DOWN BUTTON” while powering up the device.
  5. Select Recovery Mode.
  6. Hold the volume Up button and Power
  7. Select “apply update.zip”

[Update] Looks like Android police and HTC for that matter are getting a ton of hits. Just keep trying and they should be back up in no time. I also posted a link for the file I just uploaded. This was direct from the HTC url I grabbed before the servers crashed.

[Update 2] Here is another mirror for the file.

[via Engadget thru Android Police]

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20 Responses to Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G Android Froyo 2.2 now ready for your downloads

  1. Has anyone tried this yet?

    HTC says: HTC Please be aware any update.zip floating around for EVO are not final and may cause problems. Official updates are coming OTA next week!

    But I’m eagar to try it 😮

  2. Tony Peric says:

    As you can see by the new photo I uploaded, it works. I installed it. There is a delay where the screen goes into a green circle icon for about two minutes, then it boots in Sprint’s 4G screen. Then the HTC logo boots for a few minutes and starts to load.

    It is up and running and works fine (so far).

    This is an official HTC release FYI.

    • Is this the final release or is it a different release than what I will get over the air? Would I still be able to update that update?. Does my phone have to be rooted in order for this to work?

  3. midibite says:

    I just did it too. Works fine.

  4. Ok thanks guys!

  5. Bishar says:

    I’m just updating it, so I’ll let you know the result thanks to all android lovers.

  6. midibite says:

    If the above link fails, here is a backup.

  7. midibite says:

    Whoops: http://rapidshare.com/files/410108311/Update.zip

  8. Bishar says:

    Hey guys, I just installed android 2.2 froyo on my Evo 4G, it’s the 651.3 version, everything seems cool, I’m now going to play with it and see the big differences. thanks.

  9. Ok guys just got mine installed as well. I’m just rebooting after the install. It seems like it’s kinda stuck on the 4G animation for sprint. I’m gonna give it a few minutes and try to reboot it.

  10. Bishar says:

    Note: the 4G screen takes little bit longer, that’s normal, mine is perfect know, I really liked it, flash is working, Camera, and the 4G are also perfect there are a lot of staff guys.

  11. for a minute I thought I left everything there.. good thing I backed up everything. This update is so cool. It actually saved all my settings programs and current scene/wallpaper 😀 My EVO Rocks!!!

  12. Al says:

    I keep getting an error, “E:failed to verify whole-file signature”. What’s the deal with this? Any help?

    • I had an error similar…

      make sure the file is named properly ” Update.zip”

      Select Recovery mode

      Hope that helps

  13. This update just made my phone faster for some reason. I have over 150 apps installed currently now I can move most of them to my SD card! 😀 YEY

  14. matthew sanchez says:

    I keep getting a triangle with a exclamation point on there. Can someone help. I did as instructions said.

  15. Bishar says:

    when you get the triangle with exclamation, just press up volume key + power botton, then it will take to you to the next step

    • midibite says:

      Do as above

  16. Top Blog says:

    mau tes

  17. I’ve been running this update every since it came out. My phone did not prompt me for any updates when the official update rolled out on AUG3rd. Should I be concerned about it?. I hope this does not void my warranty!



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