Blackberry Torch 9800 Hands-On Thoughts

Seeing the Blackberry Torch finally unveiled made me one happy camper. A new Blackberry was finally coming to AT&T and we were going to get Blackberry OS 6 first. Everyone loves to hate on AT&T huh? I expected to play a few weeks after its release, the normal time I get to try out phones, but I did not expect to play with the phone the next day! A friend of mine was kind enough to show me his new Blackberry Torch, which was given to him for free by his lovely company. So I decided to put together a short ‘my thoughts’ post so you can see what we thought of the new Torch 9800.

Blackberry 6

The first thing I did was play with the new Blackberry OS 6. Unfortunately I did not get to see what version of OS 6 he was running, but I know there are leaked versions of the 9800 OS out there that might differ from the one I used. I began to swipe through screens to see how clean and crisp the OS was. Blackberry OS 6 did seem to have a couple kinks as I seemed to be swiping faster than the OS can handle, but when I tried out his BBM, which looks great, the moving from one chat to another was handled with perfection, no slowing down between animations at all. There are no new secrets to discover with Blackberry Os 6 which we have not already seen, the new Social Feed app looked like a useful app to hardcore news and status updaters.


The screen of the Blackberry Torch looked good, but thought it would be up to par with the screens out there today, I feel like that was a miss on RIM’s part.

Hardware Feel

The Torch felt like something new because of the design, it doesn’t curve like the Palm Pre, instead it just stays straight. The keyboard feel was a little awkward, I feel like the keyboard is too “pushed in” the phone and should have been a little bit more raised. The phone is not heavy at all.

A major issue I discovered with-in the first minute of use is that the screen is very responsive, which is great, but I feel scared to actually push the phone up because the screen would respond to touch and resulted in undesired input. If I was in a BBM chat, while pushing the screen up to view the keyboard I would also be scrolling up to the top of the conversation. If you are doing something and you push the screen up, Blackberry 6 still responds. I see that being annoying to users, I did not feel easy pushing the phone up to access the keyboard as I felt it would mess with or get undesired input in the OS.

My main thoughts on the phone, do I still want it? Yes!

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