Engadget gets their hands on a Dell Thunder prototype

Earlier today Engadget put up a post showing off their shiny new toy(s). Yes they have 2 Dell Thunders in hand. Here is a quick run down of the specs found on the devices…

Android 1.6 OS (most likely 2.1/2.2 at launch)

8MP Camera with autofocus and LED Flash

1Ghz Snapdragon processor

512MB of RAM/ROM <- (Engadget believes these are the specs in both, but it might be incorrect)

1400 mAh removable battery

4’1″ LCD (both screens are believed to be LCD, but are supposed to be OLED at launch)

Engadget believes one screen was the normal 800×480, but the other sported a much higher resolution like 1280×768

The software referenced both CDMA and GSM flavors of the device

The software also mentioned a VGA camera which Engadget thinks could be front facing

Overall the hardware looks pretty amazing and that 4.1″ screen seems to be the perfect size. The OS seemed fairly snappy, which if released with Android 2.2 will most likely be even faster. Definitely a phone to look forward to. Kind of makes us scratch our heads a little bit at the Dell Streak.

Head over to Engadget to check out a hands on video of the device.

[Via Engadget]

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