Blackberry Bold 9700 running OS 6.0, makes the Torch look old

The Blackberry Torch just came out about a week ago and it is already getting the smack down from mobile tech sites all over the web. The problem with the Torch is not the look per say, some love how it looks and some hate it. The biggest issue is lag. At this point in the mobile industry, after what people went through with iPhone OS 1.0/2.0, Android 1.0-1.6, and WebOS 1.0-1.4.5, people simply do not want to deal with lag. There are now options out there for devices without lag. There is a slew of Android 2.0 and higher handsets that run smooth, the iPhone 3GS and 4 run smooth, and there are a ton of Blackberry handsets that run as smooth as butter. This Blackberry 9700 is one of them. BGR does a walk-through of the 9700 running Blackberry OS 6 and it runs super fast. Even the browser is an improvement over the Torch. So why RIM why?! Why is the Torch so laggy. Anyway, this isn’t a post to attack RIM, it is one to praise them for doing a great job on the 9700. Check out the video after the break…

[Via BoyGeniusReport]

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