Samsung Galaxy Tab teaser video shows up, actually looks good

And there it is folks, the very first official teaser video for the Galaxy Tab showed up on the web today. I must say, though the video is only 19 seconds, this teaser is amazing! I am so pumped to see this come to fruition. Lets run down the details of the video and what we can expect…

Android 2.2

Full web browsing with Flash 10.1 built in

HD Movie playback

Video calling

Atleast one camera on the back, maybe one in the front for the video calling feature

7″ multi-touch capacitive screen (most likely 800×480)

Swype keyboard along with stock Android and Samsung keyboards, (Yay! iPad needs swype)

Augmented Reality (most likely via Layer)


Cell Radio, obviously will be 3G, but it depends on which carrier

E-Reader (like the Galaxy S phones, Kindle App will probably be pre-installed)

Will be launching/announced in Berlin on September 2nd

So that is everything we found in the video broken down for you. All we can say is that we are simply excited. September 2nd can not come soon enough. We will update the post with any new information we can find. If you find anything else in the video we might have missed, let us know.

[Via Androidcentral]

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About Daniel Rodriguez
I am 22 years old, I am a little bit new to writing but I love it and I am addicted to gadgets, whether it be Phones, PC's, OS's. Software. I love it all!

4 Responses to Samsung Galaxy Tab teaser video shows up, actually looks good

  1. Anthony N. says:

    dont say “we”! lol..your more excited then like mehhhhh

    • Hey now, Tony is excited. Your just being a downer because you don’t have an iPad yet! Your a tablet hater. Oh I know what you are, you are a notebook fanboy! Thats why your being so harsh on this post.

      P.S. readers, ‘we’ are excited. Anthony is just temporarily blinded by his new Blackberry Torch

      • Tony Peric says:

        I am very excited. I do like the iPad – just not the closed system by Apple. Android will allow me to do more and actually watch flash. I would buy one of these for sure. And Samsung plans on making a bunch of different versions/configs by this Christmas.

    • Tony Peric says:

      Indeed I am. Just take your BB Torch and go burn out your sluggy OS. Android and Palm FTW!

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