Android PMP to finally give the iPod Touch a run for its money?

It is not every day you hear news about personal media players (PMP), especially news that is kind of exciting. The last big iPod Touch competitor was the ZuneHD. The ZuneHD is a great media device, however without the hundreds of thousands of apps and a small ecosystem, it wasn’t able to do as well as Microsoft had hoped. Philips plans to have something of a competitor come this October. For €249 (about $310-$315), you can get a 3.2″ multi touch capacitive display, (most likely) Android 2.1, WiFi, decent looking isolated earphones, a camera, and a Micro-SD slot for expanded storage. Yes, it looks to be the first actual Android PMP. It was rumored not too long ago that Samsung was going to be making some Galaxy S style PMP’s, but it looks like Philips might have beat them to it. Philips says you can sync your media over USB or Bluetooth using Mozilla’s Songbird media software. Last, but certainly not least, the Philips media player actually looks to have nice hardware.

[Via Engadget]

[Source: Philips]

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