WebOS 2.0 video preview hits the Tube

WebOS users have been waiting with bated breath for the latest version of WebOS to finally be released to the world. Well, like with any mobile OS before it is released, there is some video footage that hit YouTube. It is a very short video, but wow WebOS 2.0 does look pretty amazing. The only thing that really seemed disappointing was how long it took Quick Office to load in the emulator. It gives me reason to believe that WebOS 2.0 is still going to suffer from the lag WebOS 1.4.5 still has today. I hope this isn’t true, but we will see. On the other hand, the new ‘Stacks’ feature is pure amazing for the browser. You can have multiple taps displayed in these stacks of cards. Just amazing. I really can’t wait to use this. Check out the video walk-through after the break…

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About Daniel Rodriguez
I am 22 years old, I am a little bit new to writing but I love it and I am addicted to gadgets, whether it be Phones, PC's, OS's. Software. I love it all!

3 Responses to WebOS 2.0 video preview hits the Tube

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  2. JohnnyPre says:

    No lag here w/ a little bump to the processor. Overclock. Also, remember, that SDK was a beta. Stuff didn’t work. It’s not a full release or I’m sure it would be much faster. How can a leaked video of a beta SDK on a computer lead you to believe it was lag in unannounced hardware? If it’s going to be anything like the 1ghz overclock, on the new hardware, w/ 2.0, which Rahul Sood is blogging about, leads ME to believe your intuition is incorrect. I also believe the processor lags, not the OS. (is that a fair argument?) I have two phones (wife & daughters) that have Android, and it’s NIGHT & DAY from my daughters Hero to my wifes Evo. Should I say Android is laggy? Because it is on the Sprint HTC Hero.

    • Well I agree it was just a thought. Hardware makes a big difference. However if.you compare the Motorola Droid, iPhone 3GS, and the Palm Pre. All with identical processors. The only one that suffers lag is the Palm Pre. They shouldn’t rely on hardware alone to speed things up. They need to optimize software as well. I have high hopes Palm will get it right, but you never know.

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