[Rumor] Verizon iPhone To Be Better than iPhone 4?

It appears that’ll be the case, if the “insider” the folks over at DVICE is in fact supplying them with correct information.  The informant claims to have used a prototype Verizon iPhone, and noted numerous upgrades over the standard iPhone 4 that can currently be found on AT&T’s network.  These little tidbits hint to the ever growing rumor that the Verizon iPhone will be in fact an upgraded iPhone 4.  More information and updated specs after the break.

According to the source, the Verizon iPhone key change is the inclusion of an internal antenna (Apparently at the insistance of Verizon), allaying death-grip reception reducing woes.Wether or not this antenna upgrade could hint towards something more enticing, like, say LTE isn’t mentioned, but that’d be a tasty addition (and right on time for Verizon’s big LTE launch).  The second big change is the (marginally) bigger screen, bringing the overall diagonal display size to right around 3.7″.   While not specified, I’d imagine it’s safe to assume it will be a retina display as well.  DVICE goes on to report insider claims of faster processor speeds, potentially a widely discussed 1.2 Ghz CPU.

Regardless of the rumormill’s potential to skew facts, a rework on the “notorious” antenna should be expected, especially considering the fanfare this will undoubtedly launch to.


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