T-Mobile and Nokia Siemens announce new HSPA speeds of more than 650Mbps

In a joint statement, T-Mobile and Nokia Siemens Networks said they are working on “theoretical maximum speeds” of 650Mbps+, on their Long Term HSPA Evolution.

To boost the download capacity to several hundred megabits per second the companies suggest combining up to eight channels into one data link, and in the process provide peak data rates of up to 672Mbit/sec. To overcome spectrum constraints, operators will be able to combine spectrum from more than one frequency band. Another way to increase download speeds is to download data from multiple base stations at the same time.

While this may be good news for T-Mobile in 2013, when the network should be fully deployed and their 3G technology that is backwards compatible with the current HSPA networks.

[via ComputerWorld]


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