CES: AT&T announces the Motorola Atrix, Tegra 2, 1GB of RAM, and sadly still runs Motoblur..

AT&T is out in full force today with their phone announcements. Next up is the Motorola Atrix. This phone is being dubbed ‘the worlds most powerful smartphone’. You know as well as I do that when a carrier or manufacturer makes a claim like that, you want to call them out. However, in this case AT&T is surprisingly spot on. The list of specs on this new Motorola phone are pretty mind-blowing. Here is the run down.

Android 2.2 Froyo with Motorblur on top

Tegra 2 by Nvidia, Dual core processor clocked at 1Ghz

1GB of RAM, yes that is 1,000MB

16GB of onboard storage as well as a MicroSD slot

4″ QHD display with 24bit color (not sure what resolution this is, as Android doesn’t yet support higher than 856×480)

5MP Rear facing camera with HD recording (probably 720P)

VGA front facing camera

Fingerprint scanning

1930 mAh battery (WOW!)

HSPA+ radio

So if there is anything to take away from the specs of this device, it is that yes it is definitely the most powerful phone out right now. It doesn’t have the best specs everywhere, but it does in the guts. Also, just by the size of the battery you can be sure this isn’t going to be a very light weight device. This thing will most certainly be heavy. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, it will definitely make the phone feel like a quality device. Since it has a HSPA+ radio built-in, AT&T will be calling it a 4G phone. No release dates announced, but hopefully it will be out by Summer.

[Via Androidcentral]


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One Response to CES: AT&T announces the Motorola Atrix, Tegra 2, 1GB of RAM, and sadly still runs Motoblur..

  1. (M)ATRIX

    Oh shit.

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