HP/Palm to hold WebOS event on February 9th

I feel like I am in dreamland when I typed out that headline. It has been just over 7 months since the merge between Palm and HP. We knew they would be working on something, we just didn’t know when. It seems as though February 9th is when they feel comfortable announcing everything they have to announce. That is fine with us, I was expecting them to wait even longer just because the time of the merge to the time of having a new product could take forever. They are ready though and it seems as though they are going to have more than just a new phone announcement. Their teaser slogan is ‘Think big, Think Small, and Think beyond’. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a Tablet, a Phone, and whatever else HP can throw WebOS on. We don’t know much, but we are very excited to see what comes to fruition. With the recent announcement of Android 3.0, soon an iPad 2 with iOS 5, and the new Blackberry Playbook, HP is going to have a tough road ahead.


[Via Precentral]


About Daniel Rodriguez
I am 22 years old, I am a little bit new to writing but I love it and I am addicted to gadgets, whether it be Phones, PC's, OS's. Software. I love it all!

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