[Rumor] Samsung to announce Galaxy S 2 devices at MWC?

Despite the “rumor” classification, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that Samsung will in fact be releasing the next iteration of it’s exceedingly popular Galaxy S line of smart phones at this year’s Mobile World Congress. The upgrade, according to the KoreaHerald, is expected to include the new SuperAMOLED Plus display, Google Android 2.3, and a dual-core SoC to top it all off . No word on whether this will be a dual-core version of Samsung’s sexy Hummingbird platform, or something altogether new. Hit the jump for some quotes directly from Shin Jong-kyun, alpha dog in the Samsung mobile division.

Despite hopping on the Android bandwagon a little late in the game, Samsung has surged ahead as the best-selling world-wide Android handset manufacturer with over 10 million Galaxy S , and over 30 million mobile devices in 2010 alone.  Shin Jong-kyun was quoted as saying,

These phones are going to cut a new figure in the smartphone market

Paired with the announcement that Samsung is shooting for 60 million handsets in 2011 (more twice what they sold in 2010 – a bold prediction) and the showing from Samsung at last week’s CES, Samsung is looking to be the manufacturer to beat.  Sights set on Nokia; phasers set to kill.

Speaking Samsung sales numbers, the Galaxy Tab is rumored to get an upgraded replacement ’round about the same time.  Whether or not this is a viable timeline for release remains to be seen, as Samsung just provided a minor hardware specification bump to the existing Galaxy Tab line, including 4G.  Regardless of how quickly the mobile ecosystem is moving now, a month between iterations of the same product family would amount to effectively slapping all the early adopters right on the ass.  Kinky, yes, smart business decision, not so much.

My Spidy Senses tell me the Motorola XOOM is going to gobble the Galaxy Tab right up.


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