Sony PSOne Games Coming to Android Devices via Playstation Suite!

PS Sony’s new Playstation Suite was not the show stealer at Sony’s press conference in Tokyo (see NGP), but it is still huge news for the mobile industry. Playstation Suite is a software framework that will allow Playstation One games to be ported over to Android devices running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) later this year. This is not only huge news because it’s awesome, but because it marks the first console maker to port over their own ecosystem to cellphones/tablets (In no small part due to the previous limitations of cellphone/tablet GPUs I’m sure).

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SuperOneClick: One Click Rooting for Nearly All Android Phones!

One Click Rooting for Nearly Every Android PhoneIf you have an Android phone that you want rooted, and you have Microsoft Windows, then chances are that you’re in luck! A new Windows application roots all, but seven, Android phones with a single click (To include the Captivate). Granted there was Universal Androot, but Google is already patching the exploit which Universal Androot uses to root a device.

I suppose it’s a moot point though, since SuperOneClick roots all but seven devices and 6 (EVO, Incredible, Desire, Aria, Eris, and Wildfire) of those can still be rooted through unrevoked. Read more of this post

Android App Turns Your Phone Into a Supercomputer… Kind of….

MIT recently released the news that they have developed an application for Android devices that uses models (which are created on an actual supercomputer) to give fairly accurate ballpark results to formulas that previously could not be solved in the field, and required direct access to a supercomputer. This application does not give precise results, but remains relatively accurate and performs said calculations in a matter of seconds. In contrast to the hours it would take a supercomputer to achieve precise results that is an incredibly impressive feat.

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10.1″ Android (Froyo) Tablet Announced by Toshiba

It seems to be the cool thing to do these days, developing Android based tablets to challenge Apple’s ipad. Toshiba today announced their “Toshiba Folio 100″ Android Tablet (priced at approximately $540 for the Wifi only model). Between the two devices I would probably still pick up the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but a 10.1” display does sound nice. I had read a few reports that the Samsung would be sort of locked to 3g, requiring it even in the presence of wifi for data to function properly, though I now believe that to be false. So assuming the Samsung Galaxy Tab is “wifi only” capable then I suppose this doesn’t beat it spec for spec, although the 10.1″ display is a big selling point to me.  Read more of this post

Samsung Galaxy Beam, An Android Powered Smartphone….with a Picoprojector :D

Samsung Galaxy BeamZOOOOOOOOMGWTFBBQKITTENS! So, Samsung is preparing to release a new Galaxy phone in Singapore on July 17th on StarHub (no price or date yet for the U.S) boasting Android 2.1 (with a 2.2 update en route, and eventually 3.0). But there is something different about this particular model, branded the Galaxy Beam (GT i8520). Notice something different about the top of the phone? No, it’s not a camera. It’s a Pico projector :D. Yes a Pico Projector in a Galaxy line Android smartphone, capable of projecting a 5-50″ image (probably requiring a relatively dark environment). Read more of this post

iPhone 4 vs EVO 4g Video Creator in Danger of Losing Job

So it would seem that the creator of the rather funny “iPhone 4 vs EVO 4G” video is in danger of losing his job. If you’re a fan of Android then you’ve no doubt seen the video, or if your a fan of the iPhone then perhaps you’ve seen the sequel. In any case, both videos boast some valid points. In my opinion the first video has stronger points, but both are pretty funny. It seems pretty ridiculous that someone might lose their job over a you tube video that has no reference to said employer, unless you’re in the military in which case…. you’re screwed. But in reference to the civilian sector, why should it matter what an individual says or posts on the internet if there is no reference whatsoever to their employer. I see a legal debate brewing here, anyone else?

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Altek Leo Android Smartphone w/ 14mp Camera

14mp Android Smartphone

Well I’m not quite sure whether to call it a camera phone, or a phone camera. The Altek Leo (Altek being a company that normally produces digital cameras) is preparing to release an Android smartphone embedded into a fully funtional digital camera, optical zoom included. The actual specifications of the device remain shrouded in mystery. However, we do know that it’s set to be released in Asia sometime in Q4.

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PS3 graphics on Cellphones in 3 years!?

So you know how technology seems to evolve at an ever increasing rate, making that hot new device you just bought at lunch, obsolete by dinner? well its happening again.

According to Imagination Technologies, the maker of the impressive PowerVR graphics accelerators in the latest/greatest phones, we will probably see 720p PS3 quality graphics within 3 years. How could they know, you ask? because they are already developing the chip as we speak (it usually takes about 3 years to finish a project like that), and they say it’s possible by integrating multiple cores (3 or 4) into a single mobile graphics chip. Apparently they believe this can be accomplished without causing much of a battery drain increase, which is rather impressive. Read more of this post

My HTC Hero (Euro) Running Android 2.1 Reviewed

My HTC Hero running 2.1

So there I was, sitting in front of my desk gripping my phone, contemplating throwing it against a wall. Actually, let me step back a bit. I got my phone in November 2009. Initially I noticed a bit of lag while switching screens and going through settings and such, after a while it was atrocious. So I decided to Root my Hero and install Modaco’s custom rom, which at the time was based on 1.5 still. At first it was bit snappier, but after a short time I noticed that lag again, in fact it had gotten even worse.

I dealt with it for months, all the while contemplating buying an unlocked Milestone or maybe a Nexus One. A 2.1 rom leaked back in December 2009, but it was buggy to the point of being useless, so I never even toyed with it. recently however, a much more stable 2.1 rom has been leaked from the Eris, and was quickly ported over to the Hero. So now I am happily running Villainrom 3.2, with 3.3 having just been released.

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Sony Ericsson Vivaz Now Available for Pre-Order on Vodafone!

The new Sony Ericsson Vivaz (A.K.A Sony Ericsson Kurara)  is available now for pre-order on Vodafone U.K. for free on a 2yr 30GBP/mo plan with 600 minutes, unlimited texts, and mobile internet. The Vivaz, along with the Sony Xperia X10 was slated for a February release, but has since been pushed to early March (March 9th, or so we hear.)

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