Lucky Ebay Shopper Gets Samsung Nexus S Loaded With Ice Cream Sandwich

Well this is a nice site, although it may just be a custom ROM. It appears that a very lucky Ebay shopper got his T-Mobile Samsung Nexus S and it came with a hidden surprise: loaded with Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Check out the video posted by Engadget below.

 Vodpod videos no longer available.

[via Engadget]


Why Google could care less about the Verizon iPhone

Just two days after Verizon’s official announcement releasing information about the oft speculated CDMA iPhone, the media sector has become inundated with speculative posts and forecasts, previews and impressions, opinions and “fanboy-ism”.  Various media outlets are forecasting the “inevitable” death of Google’s Android OS now that AT&T no longer holds the reins of exclusivity to Apple’s powerhouse smart phone, the iPhone.  Personally, the proposed demise of Android amidst a multi-carrier iPhone market sounds about as probable as Palm becoming the leader of the mobile ecosystem; not fucking likely.  Don’t get me wrong, Verizon and Apple will see a serious boon in sales at the initial launch of the CDMA iPhone 4 with both parties profiting heavily, but Google’s Android has matured leaps and bounds in just the past year alone, securing it’s position as Apple’s iOS peer (in market penetration, if nothing else). Read more of this post

Android: Ice Cream 2.4 to land this summer at Google I/O?

According to a ‘source’ at Pock-Lint, Google will be releasing the next line in Google’s Android OS: Ice Cream. Ice Cream is the next ‘sweet’ named alphabetical version of Android starting with Donut (D), Eclair (E), Froyo (F), Gingerbread (G) and Honeycomb (H) with the next iteration in the list of releases Ice Cream (I). According to their source, the new version will be released at Google’s 2011 I/O conference this year. What makes us think this may not be true, is Honeycomb is supposed to be 3.0, but that may just be for tablets  (this time around) and Ice Cream 2.4 may be the remade honeycomb to be optimized for handsets. Guess we have to wait for May to find out.