Barnes and Noble Colored Nook powered by Android

Barnes & Noble dropping an Color screened, seven inch Android powered e-reader space that will boast and IPS display with 1024 X 600 resolution. The Nook Color will run you about $250 bills and it can be preordered at B&N. A reported 8 hours of battery life are also part of the package. Combine that with Magazines and newspapers in color, kids books, over 2 million titles on demand and Android’s ability to surf the web, listen to Pandora, Facebook integration, checking email and download 100,000 apps, the price is right!


Yet another Jailbreak for New iOS Firmware 4.1 for all Devices with Limera1n (How to)

Bought a new apple device or just updated your device, that you wanted to jailbreak, but couldn’t because it had new firmware on it that couldn’t be jailbroken? Well now your wait is over. Geohot just released a new jailbreaking tool called Limera1n, which jailbreaks any iOS device, including the iPad (3.2.2 firmware). The current firmware by apple for iPhones and iPod touches is 4.1 and now could be jailbroken, also any previous versions, such as 4.0, can be jailbroken.
First download LimRa1n and Here is the video demonstration on how to jailbreak.

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Video Calling For iPhones and all iOS Devices and with Android Devices Together

Have you ever wanted to FaceTime with other iOS device that do not support Face Time? Well now you can, with an app called, Tango. With Tango, you create a simple account and you can video call with any iOS Device and the best parts of this app are; you can video call over your 3G connection and with Android devices too. You heard that right, there is the Tango app in the Android Market also. Which allows you to do video calls within the two platforms.
Now you can video call with Tango, available in the Apple App Store and the Android Market.

Flash on your iPhone? YES!

Every iOS user knows that the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad does not support flash content on the internet. We’ve all wanted it, but Apple refuses to add flash support to the iOS devices. Third party applications for jailbroken iPhones can support it now with a plug-in called Frash, but what if you do not want to jailbreak your iPhone? Or simply can’t jailbreak it as of now? Well here is the solution for flash on your iPhone. You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or do anything special. All you need to do is download, Cloud Browse, from the App Store.  Cloud Browse is a Firefox style browser, which means the browser is just like the one you would have on your Mac or PC.

In MobileSafari flash content does not open up, but in Cloud Browse, it opens up and plays the full flash content. It is not as clear as a desktop browser, but it gets the job done when you need to view flash on the go. There are pros and cons. Pros are that Cloud Browse loads flash content that all iPhone users want. It loads web pages faster than MobileSafari. Some cons are, It is not as smooth as MobileSafari, like scrolling pages. Also the content is not as clear on the screen.

Here is the review and comparison of Cloud Browse to MobileSafari

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Inaugural AppNation comes to a close in San Francisco

On the second and final day of APPNATION, the first major conference focusing on the App Economy and ecosystem, the issue of open or closed, and fragmented or uniform smartphone OSes was the most hotly contested topic. Also, Samsung publicly displayed their unreleased Galaxy Tab for the first time in North America—both on the APPNATION stage, and in the hands-on DEVNATION area.

Throughout the second day of APPNATION, Google’s Android OS was lauded for its surging user-base and openness, but criticized for its Marketplace and fragmenting platform.  “Android is an interesting beast,” said Joe Inzerillo, Senior Vice President of Multimedia and Distribution for MLB Advanced Media. “It’s not a single OS, it’s more like 10 or 12 different platforms.”

Apple’s iOS got high marks from many developers for its consistency across devices and its frictionless purchasing platform, but many expressed concern over the closed nature of the ecosystem.

Drew Ianni, chairman and founder of APPNATION, was particularly pleased with the debate. “Today we saw some interesting, differing perspectives on smartphone OSes, and that is exactly what we were looking for. We didn’t want to carry water for any one platform.”

The promise of HTML5 was also seen as a potential solution to the fragmentation problem facing some platforms.
Phil Newman, Director of Distributed Products for Weather Channel said, “We have a commitment to be on every major smartphone platform and we always have concerns about fragmentation.”

Newman continued, “But right now, we think that HTML5 is the current best bet to develop once and deploy across every platform.”  However, Newman was quick to couch his statement by adding, “Fingers crossed!”

The inaugural APPNATION was held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center North and had a registered crowd of over 1,200 regional and national app developers, media companies, ad networks, and other members of the app ecosystem.

Google: Android apps going on lockdown

Google has been working on a secure system to protect developers from having their applications pirated. Google has made the first anti-piracy effort today by providing devs a “set of code libraries.” These libraries in turn will assist the dev with the ability to send a message to the Android Market, thus allowing the request of an apps license status. Android Market checks through it’s database (server-based authentication) to see if the user actually bought the app and then sends the dev a message providing the details. The “set of code libraries” is available for free to all devs and works on Android 1.5 or higher. Read more of this post

[How To] Activate your iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G without official iPhone Carrier SIM

Sherif Hasim has figured out an easy way to activate iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G without needing the official iPhone carrier SIM. Please note it doesn’t unlock your iPhone but it activates it. But it helps you to hactivate your iPhone without the need to hack your iPhone.
Sherif had also discovered an exploit in the baseband (05.12.01) that was bundled with iPhone OS 3.1.3 earlier in the year. Activating your iPhone means giving it access to the Home screen by telling your iPhone that you are using one of the iPhone’s official carriers. Activating your iPhone is done through iTunes in order to use it with an official iPhone carrier. Read more of this post

iPhone 4 Bumpers put to good use: Bump 2.0 connects to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with a Bump

Just when you thought your new iPhone 4 bumpers were kind of so-so, up comes a new app to be able to take full advantage of your protective (and antenna helping) case. Bump, the app that makes it super simple to exchange information with other users by bumping phones, has just released Bump 2.0 [iTunes link] for the iPhone. This new application features the ability to instantly connect with your buds on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It also provides the ability compare calendars or to send messages to other fellow Bump(ers). The app is free, so what are you waiting for? A demo Bump 2.0 on video is below.

[via Mashable]

Android Market now has 1 Billion downloads and 100,000 apps

Today the Android Marketplace has set a stunning record: 1 Billion applications downloaded and 100,000 apps are now in the Android Marketplace. AndroLib has provided the running statistics on the Android OS and it is nothing short of but impressive. By providing over 1 billion downloads, and with a multitude of handsets, estimated to be at 95 now carrying the Android mobile OS, Google has in a short amount of time solidified Android to be a dominant player in the mobile sphere. The Android empire will continue to grow and is expected to surpass Apple’s iPhone by the end of 2010.

[via Information Week and Androlib]

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Interview: WebOS Developer Keen-Studios talks up Checkers 2 and WebOS development

Keen-Studios has been working on applications since the launch of WebOS. Checkers was one of the first free games to land in the App Catalog and the developers continue to develop for and support WebOS. Checkers is a simple, but awesome application that allows you to customize your play style as well as explore your skill against different difficulty levels. Checkers 2 also incorporates online play against other WebOS users if you are tired of beating the computer. Keen-Studios was one of the first developers to bring the multi-player gaming idea to WebOS within Checkers. So let’s meet the genius behind it all shall we?