[Graph] How wired are we? More than you think

In a world with ever changing technology, Moore’s law describes a long-term trend in the history of computing hardware: That the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit has doubled approximately every two years. Although this exact formula has been disputed, it is more of a guide for this post. GigaOM posted a fantastic graph on Smart Phone Speeds, Global Data Forecasts, Mobile-Only Phone Access, Broadband subscribers and Internet use by country.

In Smart Phone Speed: Western Europe barely leads the way with an average of 691 kbps with Japan right behind with 690 kpbs, with the U.S.A. falling in at a much slower 418 kbps. Global Mobile Data forecast for 2012 shows Western Europe leading in first place at 35k Terabytes per month, with Asia Pacific coming in at 27K and the U.S.A. at about 23K Terabytes per month. Mobile only phone access Mexico takes the lead at 48% of the country on cellular phones, with South Africa and Italy tied for second at 39% and Brazil follows with 35%.

[via GigaOM and graph by Column Five Media]

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HTC to China: We want to sell HTC Brand phones to all your 1 Billion+ peeps

Not wanting to be left out in the cold, HTC the Taiwanese handset manufacture is set to sell it’s own branded handsets. Prior to this new push for HTC branded devices, you would have to buy a Dopod branded phone. The four HTC branded phones will be the Wildfire, Desire, Tianxi and a different version of the HD2. HTC is working with China Mobile to bring these branded handsets to market. Press release after the break. Read more of this post

Altek Leo Android Smartphone w/ 14mp Camera

14mp Android Smartphone

Well I’m not quite sure whether to call it a camera phone, or a phone camera. The Altek Leo (Altek being a company that normally produces digital cameras) is preparing to release an Android smartphone embedded into a fully funtional digital camera, optical zoom included. The actual specifications of the device remain shrouded in mystery. However, we do know that it’s set to be released in Asia sometime in Q4.

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Samsung Galaxy S runs Android 2.1; launches worldwide in 110 Countries

Samsung plans to launch the new Galaxy S Android 2.1 phone worldwide in 110 Countries, on the same day! Why? Because Samsung is trying to make a huge splash with this new Android powered phone and what better way than throwing all your marketing budget at launching the phone worldwide on the same day. Samsung instituted several contracts with major telecoms in order to make the 110 country launch the same day. Read more of this post

More iPhone 4G pics surface – 10 million CDMA iPhones ordered by Apple – iPad to hit Walmart

What a week for Apple. Jobs is either the greatest marketing genius every to walk the face of this earth or he is throwing some angry tirades in the Cupertino offices right now. The Vietnamese leaked photos and video (see below) from Taoviet, the French blogger site BeGeek thought they were fortunate to receive some pics too, but found out that they came from non other than: Taoviet.Hit link for videos and pics. Read more of this post

[Video] Is your cell phone spying on you?

Talking, texting and tweeting you see it all the time. If they appear to be everywhere, the US Census bureau says they truly are. In a nation of 309 Million people officials estimate there are as many as 200 million cell phones. The majority of Americans use all these cell phones to talk, text or tweet. But all this high tech communication hides a dark and troubling danger.

“I don’t think the general public is aware how insidious this can be,” said private investigator and cell phone spyware expert Tim Wilcox. Read more of this post

[Video] Cypress gives us finger-hover tracking touchscreens

Cypress Semiconductor has developed a new type of touchscreen which can track hover for “mouseover” selections.  The new technology will be supplied as a hover support module of Cypress’ TrueTouch capacitive touchscreens. Cypress already has screens touch screens in both the Samsung i8910 or Palm Pre. The new hover technology will allow you to use your finger with this new proximity sensor instead of directly touching the screen.

Press release after the break.

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Symbian & Nokia Lead Smartphone Market; RIM-Apple-Android Not Far Behind

Although Symbian holds the lead at 47%, both RIM and Apple are making serious inroads in the worldwide smartphone market share. According the latest figures produced by Gartner, an information technology research firm, both Symbian and Nokia were still in a solid first place of the world’s smartphone market, both RIM and Apple are becoming a serious threat to each. Read more of this post

Major carriers band together to from own Wholesale Applications Community

The world’s largest mobile phone carriers say they’re joining forces to make it easier for software developers to write apps that will run on as many phones as possible. The Wholesale Applications Community announced Monday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is an attempt to retake the initiative from phone makers like Apple and Nokia, which have applications stores of their own. Read more of this post

Texas Instruments shows newest Pico chip; thinnest and smallest pico chip to date

Today at Mobile World Congress, Texas Instruments DLP Products announced a new addition to the Pico chipset family, the nHD. As the thinnest and smallest pico chip to date, the nHD will fit into virtually any consumer electronic device while still providing stunning picture quality. Leading hardward manufacturers have already begun development to implement the new chipset and production availability is expected next quarter.
Specifications for the nHD Pico chipset are listed below. Read more of this post