Sony PSOne Games Coming to Android Devices via Playstation Suite!

PS Sony’s new Playstation Suite was not the show stealer at Sony’s press conference in Tokyo (see NGP), but it is still huge news for the mobile industry. Playstation Suite is a software framework that will allow Playstation One games to be ported over to Android devices running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) later this year. This is not only huge news because it’s awesome, but because it marks the first console maker to port over their own ecosystem to cellphones/tablets (In no small part due to the previous limitations of cellphone/tablet GPUs I’m sure).

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Opinion: Why the iPad might remain the king of tablets in 2011

This is the short break before it all explodes folks. We are just weeks away from the explosion of Android tablets on the market as well as the Blackberry Playbook and whatever new WebOS tablet HP has in store. The general consensus is that the iPad will of course sell well, however the Android tablet market as well as the Playbook and WebOS tablets will eat into the iOS tablet market. Essentially this would put Android on top much like it has already done in the smartphone market due to sheer number of manufacturers producing tablets. And though I am not an analyst of any kind, I want to make a prediction. My prediction is that iOS tablets (iPad 1 and iPad 2) will remain the best-selling tablets, at least through 2011. Here is why.

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CES: Motorola “XOOM”s to the front of the pack!

It’s official, the Motorola XOOM tablet is here!  The much rumored, Android 3.0 Honeycomb powered tablet from device manufacturer Motorola was made official today in a press release at CES 2011.  Initially featured as a prototype device during a Google keynote with Android lead man Andy Rubin, the Motorola XOOM is slated to be the flagship Android 3.0 tablet, developed hand in hand with Google to highlight the new tablet centric additions to the operating system.  Hit the link for specifications directly from big “M”.

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CES: Motorola announces the Droid Bionic, 4.3″ 960×540 resolution, and dual core processor

Well here it is
folks, the big guns are out. Motorola just had their press
conference, and among other things they announced the newest,
biggest, and baddest phone on Verizon yet. The Motorola Droid
Bionic. The Bionic has to be one of the slickest phones we have
seen announced yet. The Bionic gives Motorola’s own Atrix a run for
its money. Let’s go through the specs shall.
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The Marvelous Mytosis of Motorola is complete!

After an eternity in the electronics field (some 80 years), Motorola has successfully completed the split into two seperately-traded companies, Motorola Mobility, Inc. and Motorola Solutions, Inc. respectively.  The split comes as a result of the company’s desire to more accurately satisfy the growing demands of the ever-changing consumer and business technology markets.  The company goes on to state that it was partially motivated to split by the desire to offer investors more pointed investment markets, instead of a single, convoluted entity.  It’s going to be interesting to see where Motorola Mobility decides to take the DROID brand, and wether or not they intent to re-invent existing Motorola mobile product lines.  Hit the link for more information on the two individual entities.

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Motorola Gets All Enigmatic-like

The next step in Motorola’s marketing campaign is an incredibly vague counter on the main mobile landing page of their official site.  In bold letters, Motorola beckons; “Ready to skip a generation?”  Just below their siren song a counter can be found, currently just under 15 days left to tick away.  Honeycomb promises to be a major milestone release (tablet-wise, anyways) for Google’s Android OS.

Here’s to hoping that countdown isn’t counting down to something more sinister (or boring).

HOLY Jesus! Droid 2 Overclocked To 2.5GHz! Droid X at 2GHz!

Stolen from 😉

You read right.  According to Droidlife, Matt4542 and Joe of Team DeFuse are hard at work making these speeds possible via their custom cooked rom, “Fission”.  I’ve yet to see any official benchmarking at these speeds, so color me skeptical.  Hit the link for information on how you too can get your little phone clocked to hell and back.

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Talking with tnkgrl TWTG #27

Droid X running Android 2.2 gets a brief run-through, how-to install it yourself

A leaked version of the Droid X Froyo firmware is out and about. It has everything you would expect. It actually comes pre-installed with Flash version 10.1, it has the JIT built-in, which will make this phone run a little bit faster during CPU intense situations. Also the V8 engine will be built into the browser, which should let you see improved browsing speeds. BGR points out some minor UI differences, such as the main lock screen, but nothing too major. It’s Froyo and that is what’s important. Check out BGR’s brief walk-through of Froyo on the Droid X after the break… Read more of this post

More Droid to come, Moto Droid Pro, World Edition and Tablet found in Verizon System

It seems like a new Droid phone comes out every other month now these days. Hot on the heels of the Droid 2 being released, two new Droid phones have popped up in the system, the Droid Pro and Droid 2 World Edition, also Moto seems to be working Android Tablet or as well.

Droid Pro specs:

  • 4” display
  • 1.3Ghz CPU
  • Global Roaming
  • Model Number A957
  • November Launch

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