[Video-How to] Install Android and WP7 on HTC HD2

Thanks to the guys over at XDA dev forums, this video shows you how to install both Android and WP7 on your HTC HD2. Follow the walk-through video above to make your hot little HD2 dual boot both OS’. And note that we are not responsible if you brick your device.

[via XDA dev forums]


HTC to China: We want to sell HTC Brand phones to all your 1 Billion+ peeps

Not wanting to be left out in the cold, HTC the Taiwanese handset manufacture is set to sell it’s own branded handsets. Prior to this new push for HTC branded devices, you would have to buy a Dopod branded phone. The four HTC branded phones will be the Wildfire, Desire, Tianxi and a different version of the HD2. HTC is working with China Mobile to bring these branded handsets to market. Press release after the break. Read more of this post

Hello Sexy: HTC 1 Concept phone is simple and beautiful

My…my how beautiful you are! What you are staring drooling at is the HTC 1 concept phone by designer Andrew Kim. The model device is said to bring forth a more “refined and harmonious design” element to new handsets. His design is for the concept HTC 1 is unobtrusive, simple, clean and yet fully functional. If HTC moves towards these design elements and relies on a simple, unobtrusive industrial design format shown in the following photos, you can sure bet the sales of HTC Android powered handsets would increase 10 fold and even possibly put Apple’s iPhone 4 to shame.

Big props to the designer for some fantastic concepts! Hit the link to check out the full lineup of photos. Read more of this post

HTC HD 2 gets Froyo and Sense with Android 2.1, Windows Mobile dies a little bit inside

Microsoft is still working feverishly on Windows Phone 7. Until the release of Phone 7, Microsoft is buying its time with the HTC HD 2. The HD 2 is stuck with a dying OS called Windows Mobile 6.5. It is one of the few Windows Mobile devices left, but it is actually quite popular. What is more popular these days though, is Android. Android is now spreading like fire and it isn’t on Android based devices. It looks like Android is jumping on to other devices as well. We have seen netbooks, PC’s, Tablets, iPhone’s, Touch Pro 2’s, and now the HD 2 all being invaded by Android. The HTC HD 2 is running both Android 2.1 with Sense and Android 2.2 (Froyo). Check out the two videos demoing the HD 2 running these 2 versions of Android after the break… Read more of this post

HTC quarterly profits higher than expected

HTC is one of the biggest contributors to the Android platform and they are proving it is worth their while. HTC’s quarterly profits just came out and HTC has done quite well. So well in fact, they were able to exceed their own already high expectations for how they would do this year. They previously predicted $1.6 billion in revenue and have exceeded that at $1.88 billion in revenue. This can no doubt be attributed to Android. HTC has been a big proponent of Android and Windows Mobile. Ever since Android 2.0 and some of HTC’s new higher end devices with their Sense UI, they are starting to make a big name for themselves in the consumer space. Can they continue this trend? It is quite possible the iPhone 4, a possible new WebOS device, and the slew of new Blackberries on the way could cut these profits. On the other hand, with the new HTC EVO, the still sold out HTC Incredible, and the cute and cuddly HTC Aria, sales could be even higher.

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Mobile Solutions (Target stores) to also do T-Mobile free promo June 19th

Don’t feel like going to a T-Mobile store or trying to find a Radio Shack  close enough to get your new free phone from T-Mobile? Well, not to worry as Target’s own Mobile Solutions (division of Radio Shack) is going to be offering the Free Phones Father’s Day promo sale. Covering almost close to a 1000 stores now nationwide, Mobile Solutions provides there carriers: T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T.  Read more of this post

T-Mobile fathers day sale was real, all new phones on a family plan are FREE

The T-Mobile sale on June 19th we were telling you about is now officially official. T-Mobile had a press release calling it their ‘No more Ties for Dads’ sale. The requirements are that you have to sign a new 2 year agreement on a family plan. If you do so, you can have any smartphone in the T-Mobile store for free. That includes the MyTouch Slide, Garminefone, and the HTC HD2. So if you are looking to get a free phone, now is your chance! Check out the full press release after the break. Read more of this post

Android getting more than 14,000 new apps per month, on track for 180,000 by years end

If there is one thing Apple loves to tout at its events, it is the number of applications the iOS App Store has. Apple said there are around 230,000 applications now and that number is still growing rapidly. The iPhone isn’t the only application store growing at a rapid pace. Android now has about 70,000 applications in the Android market worldwide and that number is set to increase by more than 15,000 applications per month. Read more of this post

HTC EVO breaks sales record, leaves little memory of the Pre and Instinct

We all knew the EVO 4G launch was going to be big. There was so much hype around this phone it wasn’t even funny. Just to give you an idea of the desire people had for this phone. Do you remember the hype for the HD2? When everyone knew Microsoft was going to launch something bigger and better. Hardware played a huge factor there. Android + HD2 hardware were the key ingredients for causing so much hype with so little advertising. Sprint today announced that the launch of the EVO 4G was a huge success. Despite technical difficulties with Sprint’s activation system, the EVO 4G managed to break the all time sales record for a device on launch day. This record was last held by the Palm Pre in 2009 then the Samsung Instinct before that. The EVO didn’t just break the record though. No of course not, it is much more than that. If you are a WebOS fan you might want to cover your eyes for this one. Sprint sold more EVO’s on day 1, than the Palm Pre and Samsung Instinct sold in their first 3 days combined. You read that right, Palm Pre 3 days of sales and Samsung Instinct 3 days of sales all combined, and the EVO still sold more in just 1 day! There are no specific sales numbers from Sprint, but that alone is enough to make our jaws drop. The Palm Pre launch was a success by many accounts, and though the sales declined, afterward the initial launch was pronounced successful. It looks as though Sprint could finally have the hero phone to help put them in the spotlight after so many years in AT&T and Verizon’s shadow.

[Via Engadget]

[Source Sprint]

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[Video] Sprint HTC EVO 4G vs. T-Mobile HTC HD2 side by side comparison

A new video posted by the guys over at WireFly shows a side by side comparison between the Sprint HTC EVO 4G and the T-Mobile HTC HD2. The video is about 14 minutes long but gives you a great look at these two great HTC handsets – but the EVO seems to out-do the HD2 in several ways.

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