Multi-Touch iMac running iOS coming within 60 days?

There is an unsubstantiated rumor floating around according to LOOPRumors, which wholeheartedly states they have an interesting  “tidbit” of information regarding Apple’s next foray into the world of computing. They say that Apple has been developing a hybrid OS into their next iMac.  Meaning this next iMac would contain Multi-Touch and running iOS and OS X. This would be an interesting concept to say the least. Will it happen by August 23rd? That remains to be seen and it certainly isn’t a typical Apple launch or announcement date. But with the proliferation of Google’s Android adoption, anything is possible.

But think about having to wipe down your iMac screen every time to touch the screen with your greasy fingers. I guess it’s not all that hard with micro-fiber clothes used to to clean today. Combining the best of both worlds would be pretty cool when you think about it. Using iOS in such a way just to open basic apps, email, ibooks and music makes a lot of sense. When you need to open up Photoshop CS5 and do some serious editing or crank up Final Cut Pro for your latest podcast or home movie, you have the advantage of that too.

Now this is just a rumor and not confirmed. But if it were true, this would take the next stage of the computing world concept, merging two types of computing into one, giving you the best of both worlds. My only question: what are the boot times for each?

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