A Month With AT&T’s Samsung Captivate

Recently, I was given an opportunity to spend a good deal of time with AT&T’s flagship Android phone, the Samsung Captivate.  The Captivate is (Quite obviously) a member of the Galaxy S family, whose 4″ SuperAMOLED screens and 1GHz Hummingbird processors can be found on most of the worlds major carriers (See T-Mobile Vibrant, .Samsung Fascinate, Sprint Epic 4G, etc).  How does the Captivate hold up to my (often hyper)criticism?  Can I successfully remove the battery door without a heart attack?  Find out after the break!

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Sprint: 4G hits Los Angeles on December 1st (other cities to follow soon?)

According to a Tweet on Twitter, Sprint is going to be lighting up the L.A., California scene with 4G on December 1st. In addition, I am able to personally confirm that Sprint is indeed testing 4G in Sacramento, California as well. From what I have been seeing on speed tests lately, Sprint has a huge advantage over Verizon at this point with it’s WiMax speedy service. So brace yourselves L.A., you are about to get some serious data speeds on your 4G enabled Epic or Evo handset.

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SuperOneClick: One Click Rooting for Nearly All Android Phones!

One Click Rooting for Nearly Every Android PhoneIf you have an Android phone that you want rooted, and you have Microsoft Windows, then chances are that you’re in luck! A new Windows application roots all, but seven, Android phones with a single click (To include the Captivate). Granted there was Universal Androot, but Google is already patching the exploit which Universal Androot uses to root a device.

I suppose it’s a moot point though, since SuperOneClick roots all but seven devices and 6 (EVO, Incredible, Desire, Aria, Eris, and Wildfire) of those can still be rooted through unrevoked. Read more of this post

Talking with tnkgrl TWTG #27

Samsung Epic 4G on sale today at Sprint and Amazon

Sprint’s second 4G device, the Samsung Epic has finally hit the store shelves today. The latest Android device from Sprint packing 3G/4G bands is on sale at the Sprint website for $249.99 for new customers or qualified upgrade customers on a two year, or if you wait until later today the hot device can be had for $199.99 over at Amazon. So what are you waiting for? You know you want this Epic device.

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Samsung ships 1 million Galaxy S phones in the U.S.

Well here is a story you would not have expected to see some 3 years ago, or even 6 months ago. Samsung’s very first iPhone competitor was the Samsung Instinct. With the Instinct being exclusive to Sprint, Samsung did what it is now known for doing, put the phone on different carriers with different names. The Instinct had very good short-term success, but as you can see by the simple fact that you never hear about the Instinct today, it had very little long-term success. Samsung then took the already known Behold name and threw Android 1.5 on it. I don’t know if Samsung was just simply testing the waters with this phone, but it ended in disaster. Angry customers because it wasn’t ever going to be updated. It was super sluggish and came out at a time when other phones were already better. However, Samsung wasn’t going to give up on Android just yet. Fast forward to today, Read more of this post

Samsung Epic 4G releases August 31st, $249.99 new contract

Sprint has announced the release date on its second 4G phone, the Samsung Epic 4G. The powerhouse Android phone will release August 31st for $249.99 with a new contract or eligible upgrade. Pre-orders will begin tomorrow as well. I am a big fan of the slide-out QWERTY keyboard so I am definitely interested in this bad boy, but I am still waiting for some 4G coverage in New Jersey even though I know Sprint turns 4G on and off in New York City. Sprint has also put up a video comparing the Epic 4G and EVO pointing out the differences for anyone trying to make a decision. Video and Press Release after the break. Read more of this post

Fall Sprint 4G device lineup; includes HP-Palm webOS 4″ 720p 4G handset and more Android flavors?

Since the acquisition of Palm, HP has been busy behind the scenes cutting staff at Palm and keeping absolute mum about the webOS handset platform. Although we have heard about the PalmPad which runs webOS, which is rumored have the ability to recognize a wacom pen while functioning as a capacitive touchscreen. But what about webOS on a handset carrier configuration? Does Sprint ring a bell? Read more of this post

[Walkthrough] – Samsung Galaxy S with FroYo, all the goodies and then some

Well would you look at that. Just days after I win a Galaxy S in Samsung’s Twitter give-aways, a video walk through of the Galaxy S running Froyo hits the tubes. The phone still runs Samsung’s not so Touch Wiz, Touch Wiz interface, which personally I find kind of nice. It will include the JIT compiler for that enhanced CPU speed. It will also have Froyo’s new memory management, tethering (depending on carrier), Froyo widgets such as tips, market, and the updated YouTube widget, and a few new goodies unique to Samsung. One of these fine goodies is the rotation lock supplied in the top of the notification tray. You can force the phone to stay in portrait if you like. From the video it also looks like it comes pre-loaded with a new task manager. The man in the video doesn’t explain if this is something he already had or if it came with the Froyo update, but it looks nice whatever the case. Oh and Flash 10.1 is not working just yet, but should be in time for the official release. If you are interested in how it runs and looks, check out the video after the break…

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fonefrenzy podcast #05 featuring Daniel and Tony

Podcast Episode #5
Topic #1 – Samsung Galaxy S Event
Topic #2 – Android 3.0 rumors
Topic #3 – iPhone coming to Verizon in January
Topic #4 – iPhone 4 problems continue
Topic #5 – Droid X ad calls out Apple’s Antenna issue
Topic #6 – Microsoft killing the Kin
Topic #7 – Palm/HP
Topic#8 – Storm 3 spec leak
Topic#9 – User questions
Also there are listener questions asked and answered.
Listen to the podcast below:

Or download with your iTunes or other podcast catcher:

Follow us on Twitter: @FoneFrenzy@Blayze04@The_DrComa@Yes_Its_Anthony@hpp1n3ssbyt3hKw

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