CES: HTC Thunderbolt is official, Verizon’s 4G response to the EVO

Today was Verizon’s turn to introduce all of the goodies coming out on its own network. One of those goodies was the new HTC Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt resembles the HTC EVO 4G in a lot of ways. The Thunderbolt is using Verizon’s brand new LTE network and is sporting one of those magic front facing cameras. With the new Skype video chat being bundled in, this device will be hard to pass up. Check out the full spec list after the break.

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Skype to be free on iPhone until 2011

For all of you that were fretting Skype would start costing you some change to make calls, you can rest easy. According to a report by Tuaw, the fine print says it all:

What this means for you? You are able to use the service until the end of this year. Merry early Christmas!

[via tuaw]

Skype coming to Verizon phones March 25th

So the odd couple (Skype and Verizon) are officially together and launching their new goodies March 25th. Skype Mobile will be downloadable on Thursday and will allow all the basic features of Skype you could expect on a phone.

– make and receive unlimited Skype-to-Skype voice calls to anyone else on Skype around the globe

– send and receive unlimited instant messages with other people on Skype

– call international phone numbers at our low rates

Skype will be made available at launch to only a few of Verizon’s devices but is expected to be available on everything else as time goes on.

Here are the list of phones you can use Skype Mobile with this Thursday:

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fonefrenzy Podcast #02 for 2-16-10

Introduction of James Patterson and Dillon Hanson, our two new editors and a great addition to fonefrenzy.com

We also discuss: iPad, Windows Phone 7 Series, RIM gets a Webkit browser, Verizon + Skype bring free VOIP of 3G for free, Bada + Samsung Wave, Sony Ericsson lineup of new phones,  HTC announce the Desire (AKA Bravo) and Legend both with Android 2.1 and Sense and our Palm Pre giveaway.

Listen to the podcast here…

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Verizon and Skype Exclusive; unlimited Skype-to-Skype voice calls

Just a few days after AT&T announced SlingPlayer for iPhone, Verizon announced a partnership with Skype to allow   all Verizon Wireless customers with smartphones  to make unlimited Skype-to-Skype voice calls to any user in the world over its 3G network (data plan required). This is a historic game-changing proposition and puts Verizon and Skype at the forefront of innovation and technology in the mobile marketplace. The two companies have created an exclusive, easy-to-use Skype mobile offering for 3G smartphones.

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Verizon Wireless And Skype Host Joint News Conference At Mobile World Congress In Barcelona

Looks like Verizon and Skype are about to make breaking mobile news in Barcelona at the Mobile World Conference. Judging from the press release, this appears to be a VoIP agreement between Verizon and Skype, the first of it’s kind in the telecommunications industry. Speakers will include John Stratton, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Verizon Wireless and Josh Silverman, chief executive officer, Skype. Hit the link for more.

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