Sony PSOne Games Coming to Android Devices via Playstation Suite!

PS Sony’s new Playstation Suite was not the show stealer at Sony’s press conference in Tokyo (see NGP), but it is still huge news for the mobile industry. Playstation Suite is a software framework that will allow Playstation One games to be ported over to Android devices running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) later this year. This is not only huge news because it’s awesome, but because it marks the first console maker to port over their own ecosystem to cellphones/tablets (In no small part due to the previous limitations of cellphone/tablet GPUs I’m sure).

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Motorola Xoom to cost $800?!

No, that is not a typo; a recent post over at AndroidCentral containing information from an apparently reliable tipster regarding the MAP (minimum advertised price) has just hit the tubes.  According to the screenshots provided by the tipster, the MAP for the Motorola Xoom appears to be $799, quite a bit higher than anticipated.  The screenshots details information on the HTC Thunderbolt’s MAP as well, coming in at a much more acceptable $249.  Hit the link to find out more.

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[Rumor] Samsung to announce Galaxy S 2 devices at MWC?

Despite the “rumor” classification, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that Samsung will in fact be releasing the next iteration of it’s exceedingly popular Galaxy S line of smart phones at this year’s Mobile World Congress. The upgrade, according to the KoreaHerald, is expected to include the new SuperAMOLED Plus display, Google Android 2.3, and a dual-core SoC to top it all off . No word on whether this will be a dual-core version of Samsung’s sexy Hummingbird platform, or something altogether new. Hit the jump for some quotes directly from Shin Jong-kyun, alpha dog in the Samsung mobile division.

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CES: Honeycomb – Not just for your tablet!

It’s finally here; Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) was announced (teased) and extensively demoed on Motorola’s flagship tablet, the XOOM, earlier this week at CES.  the community immediately fell in love with the reimagined tablet interface, but one question hung about the techno-sphere like a latent fart: WHAT ABOUT MY PHONE?!  Thankfully, we have a little more information regarding the usage of Android 3.0 on smartphones thanks to none other than Matias Duarte, head of interface and design for Google’s Android OS.  The guys over at Engaget were kind enough to record the interview with Mr. Duarte, and the from what we’ve seen so far, Android 3.0 is THE milestone update we’ve craved.  Hit the link for some key new features (impressions included)as well as a video of the interview courteoussey of Engaget.
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The Marvelous Mytosis of Motorola is complete!

After an eternity in the electronics field (some 80 years), Motorola has successfully completed the split into two seperately-traded companies, Motorola Mobility, Inc. and Motorola Solutions, Inc. respectively.  The split comes as a result of the company’s desire to more accurately satisfy the growing demands of the ever-changing consumer and business technology markets.  The company goes on to state that it was partially motivated to split by the desire to offer investors more pointed investment markets, instead of a single, convoluted entity.  It’s going to be interesting to see where Motorola Mobility decides to take the DROID brand, and wether or not they intent to re-invent existing Motorola mobile product lines.  Hit the link for more information on the two individual entities.

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Watch out iPad, PalmPad Is Drawing a Bead

While it pains me to quote, credit, or otherwise refer to FoxNews, it appears as though they’ve got their hands on some rather tasty exclusive information.  It looks as though Palm (HP) is joining the rest of the mobile community and jumping head-long into the tablet throng with not one, but four PalmPad tablet devices.  According to Fox (shudder), Palm plans to unveil three of the four devices at CES 2011, the fourth of which is to be directed at University students will be announced at a later time.  Minor hardware differences will separate the four devices in the PalmPad line, hit the link to see what we know so far.

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Android App Turns Your Phone Into a Supercomputer… Kind of….

MIT recently released the news that they have developed an application for Android devices that uses models (which are created on an actual supercomputer) to give fairly accurate ballpark results to formulas that previously could not be solved in the field, and required direct access to a supercomputer. This application does not give precise results, but remains relatively accurate and performs said calculations in a matter of seconds. In contrast to the hours it would take a supercomputer to achieve precise results that is an incredibly impressive feat.

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Hannspree Tablet: Yet another Android tablet hits the market this November

Ever heard of Hannspree? Don’t worry neither has a majority of the world; they are makers of fine LCD TV’s, laptops and digital photo frames. Although it seems as though the company is moving in the already-crowded tablet market, thanks to the power of Android to cultivate innovation (or at least copy it). The new Hannspree Tablet is going to sport a 10 inch display, ARM® A9 Cortex Dual-Core 1 GHZ Processor, 16GB of internal flash memory, running Google Android 2.2 Froyo, WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI output, a USB port, microSD card slot, 3500mAh battery, runs 1080p HD video playback thanks to the NVIDIA chipset and is expected to be priced around 399 Euros in Europe around November, which is about $500 US. There is no set release date for the U.S.A. but we expect it to make it stateside just in time for Christmas.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab teaser video shows up, actually looks good

And there it is folks, the very first official teaser video for the Galaxy Tab showed up on the web today. I must say, though the video is only 19 seconds, this teaser is amazing! I am so pumped to see this come to fruition. Lets run down the details of the video and what we can expect… Read more of this post

Multifl0w brings multitasking to iPad, improves multitasking on the iPhone

I will preface this by saying that the application is for jailbreak users only. You didn’t think Apple allowed an app that changed multitasking in iOS did you? Well they didn’t, instead the creators of MultiflOw have their app for sale on the Cydia store for jailbroken iOS users. MultiflOw gives iOS users a very similar multitasking experience as WebOS or as the Safari browser tabs management. You can zoom out and see a cached image of all your open applications, then choose which one you want to jump back to. This application will definitely work better on the iPhone 4 compared to the iPad since the iPad only has 256MB of RAM, but it will work on either none the less. Now if only Apple could implement multitasking like this rather than the somewhat boring way of viewing different icons in a tray that they have now. Want to see MultiflOw in action? Check out the video demo after the break, then head over to MultiflOw’s website to learn more.

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