Sony PSOne Games Coming to Android Devices via Playstation Suite!

PS Sony’s new Playstation Suite was not the show stealer at Sony’s press conference in Tokyo (see NGP), but it is still huge news for the mobile industry. Playstation Suite is a software framework that will allow Playstation One games to be ported over to Android devices running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) later this year. This is not only huge news because it’s awesome, but because it marks the first console maker to port over their own ecosystem to cellphones/tablets (In no small part due to the previous limitations of cellphone/tablet GPUs I’m sure).

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Motorola Xoom to cost $800?!

No, that is not a typo; a recent post over at AndroidCentral containing information from an apparently reliable tipster regarding the MAP (minimum advertised price) has just hit the tubes.  According to the screenshots provided by the tipster, the MAP for the Motorola Xoom appears to be $799, quite a bit higher than anticipated.  The screenshots details information on the HTC Thunderbolt’s MAP as well, coming in at a much more acceptable $249.  Hit the link to find out more.

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Asus Eee Pad Slider – Android tablet with a slide out QWERTY keyboard

CES was rife with devices seeking to reinvent the already ‘standard’ tablet form factor, either choosing to include a QWERTY keyboard as an accessory device, or something a little more snazzy.  Case in point, the Asus Eee Pad (side note here – when will Asus drop that ridiculous “Eee” moniker?), a full-fledged Google Android tablet featuring a hidden, sliding QWERTY keyboard.  While this form factor was represented well during the conference, Asus opted to go against the grain and ship the tablet with Android Honeycomb, NOT Windows 7 as expected.  Hit the jump for a brief run down on the Eee Pad. Read more of this post

[Rumor] Samsung to announce Galaxy S 2 devices at MWC?

Despite the “rumor” classification, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that Samsung will in fact be releasing the next iteration of it’s exceedingly popular Galaxy S line of smart phones at this year’s Mobile World Congress. The upgrade, according to the KoreaHerald, is expected to include the new SuperAMOLED Plus display, Google Android 2.3, and a dual-core SoC to top it all off . No word on whether this will be a dual-core version of Samsung’s sexy Hummingbird platform, or something altogether new. Hit the jump for some quotes directly from Shin Jong-kyun, alpha dog in the Samsung mobile division.

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CES: Honeycomb – Not just for your tablet!

It’s finally here; Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) was announced (teased) and extensively demoed on Motorola’s flagship tablet, the XOOM, earlier this week at CES.  the community immediately fell in love with the reimagined tablet interface, but one question hung about the techno-sphere like a latent fart: WHAT ABOUT MY PHONE?!  Thankfully, we have a little more information regarding the usage of Android 3.0 on smartphones thanks to none other than Matias Duarte, head of interface and design for Google’s Android OS.  The guys over at Engaget were kind enough to record the interview with Mr. Duarte, and the from what we’ve seen so far, Android 3.0 is THE milestone update we’ve craved.  Hit the link for some key new features (impressions included)as well as a video of the interview courteoussey of Engaget.
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CES: Motorola “XOOM”s to the front of the pack!

It’s official, the Motorola XOOM tablet is here!  The much rumored, Android 3.0 Honeycomb powered tablet from device manufacturer Motorola was made official today in a press release at CES 2011.  Initially featured as a prototype device during a Google keynote with Android lead man Andy Rubin, the Motorola XOOM is slated to be the flagship Android 3.0 tablet, developed hand in hand with Google to highlight the new tablet centric additions to the operating system.  Hit the link for specifications directly from big “M”.

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The Marvelous Mytosis of Motorola is complete!

After an eternity in the electronics field (some 80 years), Motorola has successfully completed the split into two seperately-traded companies, Motorola Mobility, Inc. and Motorola Solutions, Inc. respectively.  The split comes as a result of the company’s desire to more accurately satisfy the growing demands of the ever-changing consumer and business technology markets.  The company goes on to state that it was partially motivated to split by the desire to offer investors more pointed investment markets, instead of a single, convoluted entity.  It’s going to be interesting to see where Motorola Mobility decides to take the DROID brand, and wether or not they intent to re-invent existing Motorola mobile product lines.  Hit the link for more information on the two individual entities.

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Asus to release Android-based Apple iPad killer?

Sounds like it. is reporting that their sources have uncovered information about the Asus’ “killer product” slated to drop this coming June.  Thinq’s source revealed that not only will Asus’ “killer product” be a tablet, but a tablet built with Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chipset and Google’s Android OS.  At an approximated price point of $500 US, and the theoretical real world Tegra 2 performance, this is sure to be a product to keep an eye on.

Nvidia’s Tegra 2 technology is based on a 1GHz dual-core version of ARM’s Cortex A9 processor, and also features a 3D graphics processor and hardware HD video decoder.

Symbian Brings It: Open Source

That’s right. Stories of Symbian and the Colalition decided to drop some news on all of yall: we are now open source. The best part is that it’s actually the latest version, Symbian, which is also supposed to ship on upcoming Nokia handsets this year. Bring it devs! The largest OS on cell phones has decided to drop a bomb on the rest of the world and ‘bring it’ in a way all their own. So when you sit around and say Apple, RIM, Android are the largest OS’, sit back and relax because Symbian has been around for a long, long time.

T-Mobile to get HTC Supersonic with Android 3.0 with Nvidia’s Tegra Chipset

A screen shot of a purported new HTC phone named Supersonic is headed to T-Mobile. According to BGR, a screen shot sent to them anonymously shows a firmware of Android 3.0 and shows the carrier being T-Mobile. Not much else is known of the device but we can say that T-Mobile has been the go-to carrier of choice for Android handsets (probably because they are the nicest and easiest carrier to work with when releasing new devices).

T-Mobile has five Android handsets in their line up so far: HTC G1, HTC myTouch, Motorola CLIQ and Samsung Behold II and of course Google’s Nexus One, making them the leading carrier of Android handsets. The launch date and specs of the latest Android handset built by HTC are not known, but if the firmware gives us any indication, this could possible be another device running a Snapdragon processor or perhaps this could very well be the first phone on Nvidia’s Tegra powered platform. Why you ask? Simply because evidence supports this possibility due to ICD’s Tegra tablet “Vega”,  a 15-inch Android-based tablet, which was finally announced and is headed to T-Mobile UK. Also, in an interview with the, Mike Rayfield, the general manager of Nvidia’s mobile unit said the we can expect “the company’s Tegra chip to debut in a phone from one of the top five cell-phone makers”. Although this reported to be in Q4 of 2009, the evidence is still clear that a new handset will be coming out soon.

Some reports have estimated the following specifications:

  • an APX 2500 or 2600 chipset which could provide significantly accelerated 3D and decode 720p video
  • 25 days of music or 10-hours of 1080p video playback on a single charge
  • video games play at up to 46 frames per second
  • GPU accelerated Adobe Flash animations
  • always-on processors for instant access to the network
  • 3G, WiFi, and WiMax solutions support
  • to includes an HDMI port

The possibility of an HTC built, Tegra powered device running Android 3.0 is stunning and very likely, but we’ll just have to wait and see, once again.

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