Video Calling For iPhones and all iOS Devices and with Android Devices Together

Have you ever wanted to FaceTime with other iOS device that do not support Face Time? Well now you can, with an app called, Tango. With Tango, you create a simple account and you can video call with any iOS Device and the best parts of this app are; you can video call over your 3G connection and with Android devices too. You heard that right, there is the Tango app in the Android Market also. Which allows you to do video calls within the two platforms.
Now you can video call with Tango, available in the Apple App Store and the Android Market.


Hola a todos. iPhone4 está aquí compañía desbloqueado! Apple loves Mexico

BGR is reporting that  Apple will offer the iPhone 4 in Mexico and carrier unlocked. The estimated price is believe to be $1,500 pesos above the price of the iPhone 3GS, which is currently going for $9,510.84 pesos ($730 US). Anyone want to head to Tijuana and pick one of these bad boys up? Probably most of Southern California.

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