[Rumor] Samsung to announce Galaxy S 2 devices at MWC?

Despite the “rumor” classification, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that Samsung will in fact be releasing the next iteration of it’s exceedingly popular Galaxy S line of smart phones at this year’s Mobile World Congress. The upgrade, according to the KoreaHerald, is expected to include the new SuperAMOLED Plus display, Google Android 2.3, and a dual-core SoC to top it all off . No word on whether this will be a dual-core version of Samsung’s sexy Hummingbird platform, or something altogether new. Hit the jump for some quotes directly from Shin Jong-kyun, alpha dog in the Samsung mobile division.

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[How-to] Revert Your Captivate To Stock with Odin3 “One-Click”!

So, you got yourself a shiny new AT&T Captivate.  Great, fantastic device; SuperAMOLED, Hummingbird, blah blah.  As any new Android user, you hop on the interwebs and get to Googling.  Slowly, over time, the inevitable happens; you stumble onto xda-developers.com.  You see the light.  Within hours, you’re on your third rom, the thirst for speed clouds your judgement.  Life is great, your device is flying, multitasking with gusto.  It’s at this point the tech Gods decide to rain on your parade, or, more precisely, your Captivate.  The speaker is dead, the rain markers are clear, time for insurance.  But wait!  You’re running CFW.  They’ll never replace a device that has so blatantly been modified.  In comes Odin3.  With just “one-click” (really a few more than that), you’ll have your Captivate SGS back to factory specifications with none the wiser (it’ll also help in ‘bricked’ devices).  Hit the link for directions and downloads!

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Android ‘Gingerbread’ To Substantially Change UI


TechCrunch has posted an article outlining the details of various rumors, said to come from sources “close” to Google, detailing Google’s newfound drive to eliminate the need for device-specific UI’s (MotoBlur, Sense UI, TouchWiz, etc).  TC’s sources claim that the Android Dev team has the core features of Google’s flagship OS more or less where they want them, but promise coming tweaks.  The coming release of Android, Gingerbread, is said to feature heavy UI changes in an attempt to enhance the overall user experience of a stock Android device, and it is speculated that it will resemble iOS more closely.  As TechCrunch notes, the fragmentation of Android handsets could pose to be a significant disadvantage to Google’s efforts, much in the same way Microsoft’s Windows platform’s user interface is light years behind Apple OS X in terms of accessibility.  You really can’t help but to relate the current Android/iOS battle to the now ancient Windows/Mac battle to the (near)death in the early 90’s.  Apple had a significantly better user interface, but kept their hardware and software under lock and key, ensuring prices much higher than the less visually appealing, but equally capable, hardware fragmented ‘PC’ market.  Wether or not history will repeat itsself (I’m inclined to believe so, restriction fosters adaptation) is guess work at best, but the potential advances caused by attrition in this war are going to be delicious.

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