Why Google could care less about the Verizon iPhone

Just two days after Verizon’s official announcement releasing information about the oft speculated CDMA iPhone, the media sector has become inundated with speculative posts and forecasts, previews and impressions, opinions and “fanboy-ism”.  Various media outlets are forecasting the “inevitable” death of Google’s Android OS now that AT&T no longer holds the reins of exclusivity to Apple’s powerhouse smart phone, the iPhone.  Personally, the proposed demise of Android amidst a multi-carrier iPhone market sounds about as probable as Palm becoming the leader of the mobile ecosystem; not fucking likely.  Don’t get me wrong, Verizon and Apple will see a serious boon in sales at the initial launch of the CDMA iPhone 4 with both parties profiting heavily, but Google’s Android has matured leaps and bounds in just the past year alone, securing it’s position as Apple’s iOS peer (in market penetration, if nothing else). Read more of this post


Android already outselling the iPhone by 41% worldwide according to Apple and Google

I want to preface this by saying that these numbers are all based off numbers Google and Apple have given. Okay now let’s get started. Today Apple had its financial results. What they’ve told us is that they have sold 8.4 million iPhones in the last 3 months. Yes this number is huge, but how big is it? Does Android even compare to Apple in terms of sales? According to Apple and Google, the answer is yes. Read more of this post

Bloomberg says the is iPhone coming to Verizon in January

Another day another Verizon rumor, but this one seems pretty credible. Bloomberg says that it has confirmed with 2 sources who are working on the project, that the iPhone will be coming to Verizon in January 2011. Bloomberg goes on to say that the iPhone exclusivity will end at the same time that the iPhone goes on sale on Verizon. So is this something AT&T has to be worried about? Moreover Read more of this post

More iPhone 4 issues piling on, broken proximity sensors and cracked glass

Like we have said many times before, with great power comes great responsibility. Well Spiderman said that, but we acknowledged that Apple is now a great power and they are going to have to take some responsibility for hardware/manufacturing defects. So here is the run down of todays issues. Some Gizmodo readers are reporting that after dropping their iPhones from relatively short heights, the back panel of the phone is cracking. As you can see in this photo…

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iTunes connect lets devs view their app sales

Earlier this week Apple released a new iPhone application for developers called ‘iTunes Connect’. This app allows developers to view their app sales by days, weeks, by weekly, months, and more as well as allowing developers to view sales trends among all of the apps they have. Read more of this post

WWDC 2010 – iPhone 4 Pricing Information

OK, so the announcement has been made and your hipster gibblets are tingling with anticipation of being the envy of your hacky-sack team.  How much blood are you going to have to donate inorder to pay for all of that pizazz?  Steve Jobs outlined the new pricing structure for the current generation iPhone 3GS as well, hit the jump for details. Read more of this post