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Live Coverage of Apple Keynotes. Including Images, Commentary, and sometimes audio and video.

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Why Google could care less about the Verizon iPhone

Just two days after Verizon’s official announcement releasing information about the oft speculated CDMA iPhone, the media sector has become inundated with speculative posts and forecasts, previews and impressions, opinions and “fanboy-ism”.  Various media outlets are forecasting the “inevitable” death of Google’s Android OS now that AT&T no longer holds the reins of exclusivity to Apple’s powerhouse smart phone, the iPhone.  Personally, the proposed demise of Android amidst a multi-carrier iPhone market sounds about as probable as Palm becoming the leader of the mobile ecosystem; not fucking likely.  Don’t get me wrong, Verizon and Apple will see a serious boon in sales at the initial launch of the CDMA iPhone 4 with both parties profiting heavily, but Google’s Android has matured leaps and bounds in just the past year alone, securing it’s position as Apple’s iOS peer (in market penetration, if nothing else). Read more of this post

Apple: Three Days = 1.7 million iPhone 4s Sold

It appears our editor Anthony N. wasn’t the only one waiting in line at to the get the new iPhone 4. Over a three day period, from Thursday through Saturday, Apple sold 1.7 million  iPhones. By comparison, the 3Gs sold 1 million handsets over the weekend when it came out last year, which the iPhone 4 literally blew it out of the water. The iPhone 4 was sold in 5 countries this year which is fewer than the iPhone 3GS launch last year. The 1.7 million is not US sales. The iPhone 4 was sold in 4 other countries and on more than 4 other carriers. The U.S. is the only country where the iPhone is locked down to only one carrier. In the United Kingdom alone, the iPhone 4 is on sale on Orange, Vodafone, and O2. AT&T has not yet released any specific numbers for their sales yet.

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More iPhone 4 issues piling on, broken proximity sensors and cracked glass

Like we have said many times before, with great power comes great responsibility. Well Spiderman said that, but we acknowledged that Apple is now a great power and they are going to have to take some responsibility for hardware/manufacturing defects. So here is the run down of todays issues. Some Gizmodo readers are reporting that after dropping their iPhones from relatively short heights, the back panel of the phone is cracking. As you can see in this photo…

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Apple iPhone 4 Review Roundup

We’ve taken the time to assemble the best official and unofficial reviews from around the web on the all new Apple iPhone 4. As expected, there are some wonderful reviews and some not so much, but all in all, Apple’s iPhone 4 has garnered some pretty good reviews. Also included are some unboxing videos of some lucky few who received their iPhone 4 early. Read more of this post

Is it official? New name is the iPhone HD? Comes in Colors?

All the blogs and papers are trying to figure out the name of the next gen iPhone since Gizmo’s well publicized recent outing. Well we knew that it would be either the iPhone 4G, iPhone 4 or iPhone HD. It seems as the captured screen shot from @TheTechReviewer, of what appears to be  in-store computers of the Apple’s new iPhone HD. It seems as though the leak also contains more revealing information. In the ad it states that this new iPhone HD is “smarter, better, faster.” Also states in the bottom left corner of iPhone colors? There was also something I mentioned recently in the Talking with Tnkgrl #25 podcast: that Apple should do like the Nano and release the iPhone HD  in colors. It appears my wish and millions of others is about to come to fruition.

Oh but wait! That small picture looks pretty darn familiar, remember? I posted this information of an artist render over at Spazio Cellulare. I personally think this is very fake but the name may be real. So although Apple may be announcing the next gen as the next gen iPhone as the HD, 4 or 4G, the colored phones may still be a figmant of our imagination or at least until Monday June 7th, when we find out for sure.

[via Twitter and thanks Kevin for the tip!]

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Skype to be free on iPhone until 2011

For all of you that were fretting Skype would start costing you some change to make calls, you can rest easy. According to a report by Tuaw, the fine print says it all:

What this means for you? You are able to use the service until the end of this year. Merry early Christmas!

[via tuaw]

Color iPhone 4G possibly on the way? [Pics]

With the 2010 WWDC forthcoming here in just a few weeks, one has to wonder what does Apple have left in store for the iPhone 4 (G or HD) that has yet to be announced. With all the hoopla of the iPhone 4G Gizmodo bought and returned and images leaked yesterday of a white iPhone, what could Apple possibly have left for the consuming masses? Color iPhones perhaps? Well the guys over at Spazio Cellulare have done a pretty decent job of mock-ups of the new iPhone (G or HD). Indeed, these are some very convincing renders and give a splash of color all over these yet to be released handsets. Although the soft colors don’t seem to fit right with past Apple products, it does give us an indication of what is perhaps to come with the next version of the iPhone – because there is so much we have already learned from all the leaks, I seriously doubt any huge surprises at this year’s event, but I’m sure I’m wrong. Apple never fails to let us down, right?

[via Spazio Cellulare]

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Hello Sexy White iPhone 4G (HD)

Our good friends over at FoneArena got a couple of pics showing us proof that a white iPhone 4G (or HD if you prefer) seems imminent on arrival at this point.  I must say it looks very sexy in white, which is a color I would probably never get, but after looking at this case, I could make an argument for the color. Poor Steve Jobs is probably pulling out whatever hair he has left on his very red, hot, and sweaty head at this point.

More iPhone 4G pics surface – 10 million CDMA iPhones ordered by Apple – iPad to hit Walmart

What a week for Apple. Jobs is either the greatest marketing genius every to walk the face of this earth or he is throwing some angry tirades in the Cupertino offices right now. The Vietnamese leaked photos and video (see below) from Taoviet, the French blogger site BeGeek thought they were fortunate to receive some pics too, but found out that they came from non other than: Taoviet.Hit link for videos and pics. Read more of this post