RIM responds to Apple’s “it’s not just iPhone” claim, antennas work on Blackberries

Today was the big day that Apple held an out of the blue press conference in response to the growing criticisms of its new iPhone 4 antenna. After Apple said that the iPhone 4 is not the only phone with an issue of signal loss while gripping the phone via the ‘death grip’, they showed video demos of other phones doing the same. RIM was on of the victims in Apple’s attack. As you can imagine, RIM was none too happy about a Blackberry be shown as one of the phones with an antenna issue. So in response to Apple, here is what RIM had to say… Read more of this post


Bloomberg says the is iPhone coming to Verizon in January

Another day another Verizon rumor, but this one seems pretty credible. Bloomberg says that it has confirmed with 2 sources who are working on the project, that the iPhone will be coming to Verizon in January 2011. Bloomberg goes on to say that the iPhone exclusivity will end at the same time that the iPhone goes on sale on Verizon. So is this something AT&T has to be worried about? Moreover Read more of this post

Research In Motion Testing BlackBerry OS 6.0 Tablet

Keeping in tune with their recent iPhone-esq BlackBerry OS 6.0 update, it appears RIM is testing their resolve in the tablet market.  The recent surge in tablet devices is almost entirely driven by the success of Apple’s iPad, with every device manufacturer attempting to cash in on the once stagnant tablet/mid market and RIM appears to be of no exception.  According to Mobiledia, RIM is in the early stages of developing a tablet-like mobile computer capable of connecting to wireless networks via their smart-phones, with the aim of releasing the device by the end of the year.  Continuing with the leakage, Mobiledia’s informant goes on to note that RIM is also in the works on a touchscreen based smart phone sporting a vertically sliding keyboard and BlackBerry OS 6.0.  BlackBerry OS 6.0 is said to function much the way as current mobile operating systems, with persistent icons/widgets, a universal search bar, separate screens accessed via finger-swipe, and various other now familiar software features.  The smartphone is said to include a 5MP camera and 4GB of internal memory, but further details have yet to be released.  Stay tuned for more information!

Recent data shows iPhone still in a commanding lead over Android

Nielsen Wire has put up some graphs, charts, and the usual yesterday. Measuring the ever impressive smartphone market share. As you can see in the graph above, the iPhone still holds a commanding lead. So commanding in fact that it is still 3 times larger than that of the  Android OS. The smartphone market in general is said to have grown to 23% in quarter 1 of 2010 up from 16% in quarter 4 of 2009. During this growth both Android and iPhone OS grew 2%. In that same period of time, current leader RIM and Windows Mobile, both lost 2% of their market share. So what does this all mean in a nutshell? iPhone is huge, Android is growing, RIM and Microsoft are slowly but surely losing and that Palm and Nokia need to get it together in North America. I think it also shows that smartphones in general still have room to grow. The fact that only 23% of phone users use a smartphone means there are still so many millions of potential customers that these companies can still attract. Come on feature phone users buy a smartphone!

[Via Neilsen Wire]

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[Video] Blackberry 6 OS in action

While WES keynote is still happening, RIM released video on YouTube showing off the Blackberry 6 OS (just not in all it’s glory). Trying to be hipper than ever, RIM dropped some 808 track with their latest release. I think we could have done without all the dancing in this video had RIM just given us a demonstration of the new OS itself.

Alas, leave it to the hardened crew of commentators on Engadget, and one in particular, hastings, who was kind enough to give us a breakdown of the entire video and what was exactly shown, frame by frame.

– Slide the homescreen icons to pull up the Application Menu.
– “Extended Search” in the Media player which searches your library of multimedia while also searching YouTube, and presumably the internet. (0:23) (0:37)
– Cover flow style media player. (0:27)
– New YouTube application, more iPhone style looking. (0:38)
– Pinch to zoom added to photos. (0:53)
– Some sort of Quick Menu to switch applications, zoom, set as wallpaper, all within multimedia.
– Touching the notifications area on the home screen causes all of your “Today” content (Messages, Calls, Calendar events) to slide down. (0:57)
– Improved HTML email support. (1:02)
– New ‘Contacts’ Quick Menu, touch a contacts name to email, view, call, BBM, text, etc. (1:04)
– New Application Switcher, no more scrolling left-right, instead it appears in a 3xX grid. (1:11)
– New Search function, again, looks similar to a Universal Search feature. Search your applications, web, contacts, etc, all from the home screen. (1:15)
– New keyboard, presumably what we’ll see on a new touch screen device. Is it surepress? No idea. (1:15)
– Much nicer looking calendar. (1:20)
– Slide through different application sections on your homescreen, “All”, “Favorites”, “Media”. (1:28-1:33)
– New WebKit browser, which apparently drives a lot of the OS as well. (1:44)
– Tab support in the new browser. (1:45)
– New “Social Feeds” application. Looks to combine all of your Facebook/Twitter messages into a single stream. Also shows “RSS” option. (1:49)
– Improved messaging features, touch a contact to display all methods of contacting them. AIM, Twitter, Live Messenger, Google Talk, BBM, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook, MySpace. (1:51)
– Native Twitter support right from the OS through the “Social Feeds” app. (1:59)

Hey RIM, know what we could have done without? The Black Eyed Peas soundtrack. Not that I don’t like them, but I prefer something more 2010, if you know what I mean. Having a song with lyrics that say…

I’m so 3008
You so 2000 and late
I got that boom, boom, boom
That future boom, boom, boom
Let me get it now

..isn’t really good for your promotion at all. With what I just saw for the Blackberry 6 OS, I would say that you are 2000 and late. But I hope that this will get pushed to all the most recent phones soon, especially the webkit browser, because the users need that ultility badly.

[via YouTube and Engadget]