Why Google could care less about the Verizon iPhone

Just two days after Verizon’s official announcement releasing information about the oft speculated CDMA iPhone, the media sector has become inundated with speculative posts and forecasts, previews and impressions, opinions and “fanboy-ism”.  Various media outlets are forecasting the “inevitable” death of Google’s Android OS now that AT&T no longer holds the reins of exclusivity to Apple’s powerhouse smart phone, the iPhone.  Personally, the proposed demise of Android amidst a multi-carrier iPhone market sounds about as probable as Palm becoming the leader of the mobile ecosystem; not fucking likely.  Don’t get me wrong, Verizon and Apple will see a serious boon in sales at the initial launch of the CDMA iPhone 4 with both parties profiting heavily, but Google’s Android has matured leaps and bounds in just the past year alone, securing it’s position as Apple’s iOS peer (in market penetration, if nothing else). Read more of this post


Verizon iPhone 4 problem: International Travel [complete country list included]

Now to a good portion of people considering buying a iPhone 4 on Verizon, this information probably won’t matter. But for many of these folks, international travel will be affected. Although Verizon claims that they have agreements with international carriers:

…customers can use iPhone for voice and text in over 40 countries with data service in over 20 countries. For service availability and rate information, visit International Roaming Rates and Coverage. When travelling outside of these 40 destinations, the Global Travel program is the perfect short-term solution for the occasional or infrequent global traveler who needs to stay in touch when travelling internationally.

The problem is in the CDMA technology that is used by Verizon. Although there are carriers outside of the U.S. that us CDMA, the vast majority of international networks, specifically in Europe, rely on GSM technology the kind of phone that uses a SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module). In this, both Apple and Verizon have made a big mistake, but I understand why. For Verizon to get an iPhone 4, it had to get agreements with CDMA international carriers [Verizon iPhone 4 FAQ]. If it had both technologies, CDMA and GSM, it would allow some new Verizon customers to purchase their iPhone 4 and unlock it to use the phone within the U.S. on let’s say T-Mobile or other regional carriers that use a SIM card for example, since T-Mobile GSM bands are the same pretty much around the world. Now both Apple (at least for now) and Verizon wouldn’t want that to happen quite yet.

And if you are hoping the Verizon iPhone will work on a 4G network, forget it. This is not a 4G iPhone at all. This is a standard 3G iPhone but version numero 4. Which in a way is sad. If it were the 4G iPhone, running on Verizon’s LTE network, a traveler would be able to go to say Russia and feel the need-for-speed on Russia’s very fast 4G network. But today Verizon admitted that their LTE network is not quite ready-for-prime-time for simultaneous voice and data.

According CDG.org, CDMA networks support over 270 million subscribers worldwide, while GSM.org tallies up their score at over 1 billion. As CDMA phones become R-UIM enabled and roaming contracts between networks improve, integration of the standards might eventually make differences all but transparent to the consumer. Please keep in mind that this by no way indicates that you will actually be able to Roam on any of these networks, you would have to check with Verizon to make sure they have agreements with these carriers [Verizon iPhone 4 FAQ]  and we have provided you with a list after the break. Read more of this post

Verizon: iPhone has landed

As we knew this was coming and reported this in October of 2009, Verizon went ahead and finally did the inevitable; announce that they now have the iPhone, on one of America’s most consistent networks. The redesigned phone has four different notches at the both top and bottom sides. The best part besides the same specs as the original iPhone? HotSpot is included! Pricing is $199 for the 16GB, $299 for 32GB AND mobile hotspot included with up to 5 devices. Pre-orders begin February 5th and the iPhone 4 goes on sale February 10th.

One very interesting fact to note is that Mr. Tim Cook stated when asked about the agreement between Apple and Verizon  “It’s a multi-year, non exclusive deal.” So you can probably expect to see the iPhone now make an appearance on both Sprint and T-Mobile by the end of this summer. This would clearly make sense as Apple needs better market penetration to beat keep-up with Android sales as of late. Press release after the break. Read more of this post

Verizon holding a media event on Tuesday, Verizon iPhone or something else?

Verizon just made a huge showing at CES, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. Verizon has just sent out invitations to a press event they are holding this Tuesday. So what is all the hoopla about? Well if Verizon had any other phone announcements besides the iPhone, wouldn’t it have been made at their huge CES keynote? It makes perfect sense that Verizon would want to announce the iPhone separate from the rest of CES since Apple doesn’t ever make an appearance at CES. The weird thing is that usually when there is an announcement about an Apple product that has this much media attention and hype, it is usually made by Apple themselves. So if this isn’t the Verizon iPhone what else could it be? It could be that long rumored HTC Merge, it could also be (yes this is a dreamland I am in) a HTC tablet announcement. Okay who knows, we’ll wait with you and find out on Tuesday what Verizon is up to.

[Via BGR]

Verizon iPhone and next-gen iPad spotted in code, field testing next?

BGR was sent an interesting piece of code yesterday, he received this from a tipster of his telling him that code shown above lets the device pass through iTunes activation. He also mentions this block of code appears every year regularly before an iPhone or any Apple device release and then removed before the launch. So why would any device need to bypass activation? Most likely they are going to do field testing with whatever is being tested, Verizon iPhone or next-gen iPad with 3G built in.

Secondly, they also received a tip saying the platform code of the CDMA iPhone is N92AP and the platform code for the next-gen iPod touch is N81AP.

We should expect a next-gen iPod Touch at the rumored iPod event next month.

[via BGR]

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Apple submits CDMA chipset orders to Qualcomm; iPhone 4 headed to Verizon

It seems like every week we have another Verizon iPhone 4 rumor but this time, there is plenty of evidence that Verizon hopefully (and AT&T soon-to-be defectors) have been waiting to hear. According to a report on TechCrunch, Qualcomm, the largest CDMA chipset manufacturer in the world, has received chipset orders from Apple most likely destined for Verizon. Not long ago, Bloomberg said that it has confirmed with two of their sources who are working on the project, that the iPhone will be coming to Verizon in January 2011. Bloomberg goes on to say that the iPhone exclusivity will end at the same time that the iPhone goes on sale on Verizon.

Sources with knowledge of this entire situation have assured me that Apple has submitted orders for millions of units of Qualcomm CDMA chipsets for a Verizon iPhone run due in December. This production run would likely be for a January launch, and I’d bet the phone is nearly 100% consistent with the current iPhone 4 (with a fixed internal insulator on the antenna).

Our own sources indicated last October, that indeed a Verizon branded iPhone was being tested. Our only question is this: will Apple/Verizon provide a dual-band CDMA/LTE iPhone coming at the end of this year/or January 2011? A dual banded LTE/CDMA iPhone 4 seems as a more logical approach since LTE SIM cards were spotted on Engadget with a rumored launch date around November 15th. In addition, waiting until January 2011 makes no sense whatsoever. Why would both Verizon and Apple wait until after the holidays (if the contract with AT&T was renegotiated to expire in the Holiday season) and miss the biggest sales season of the year and launch a phone when everyone is broke? Expect to see the Verizon branded iPhone 4 advertised sometime before Christmas.

[via TechCrunch, Bloomberg , Engadget and FoneFrenzy]

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Wall Street speculation on Verizon iPhone

Don’t you just love Apple iPhone/Verizon chatter? Especially after the network gaffe during WWDC 2010 and some guy yelling out “Verizon” when things weren’t working so well. Now Wall Street analysts, you know, the guys that get paid big bucks to say stuff about companies and technology they have no clue about in reality, say they know Apple will be releasing an iPhone on Verizon sometime soon. With both Ben Reites of Barclays Capital and Scott Craig of Bank of America making their own announcements on the same day. It does give some interesting, if not factual credence to the whole forthcoming Verizon iPhone.

One change we may see from Apple is a six month product cycle instead of the usual 12 months. Reason being that smart phones today are on a much shorter cycle than Apple release times. Not only that but Android is certainly making a serious dent in Apple iPhone sales. Don’t think that AT&T doesn’t notice it either, with it’s snail-like release of cripple Android handsets, probably in order to not hurt it’s relationship with Apple. But facts are facts and Apple needs to step up and bring what the people want, an option of their great product on another network.

Verizon is the second largest network in the United States with approximately 70 million potential customers. Apple is not stupid and can hear the crys from the masses. Expect Apple to bump up production cycles, with minor updates to their phones on 6 month intervals, probably beginning this September with a “one more thing” at the end of the conference finally announcing a Verizon handset. Hit the break for more info.

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More iPhone 4G pics surface – 10 million CDMA iPhones ordered by Apple – iPad to hit Walmart

What a week for Apple. Jobs is either the greatest marketing genius every to walk the face of this earth or he is throwing some angry tirades in the Cupertino offices right now. The Vietnamese leaked photos and video (see below) from Taoviet, the French blogger site BeGeek thought they were fortunate to receive some pics too, but found out that they came from non other than: Taoviet.Hit link for videos and pics. Read more of this post

Verizon Bringing iPhone; Confirmed From 3rd Party App Dev of iPhone 3,1

As we report earlier: Bigger News for Verizon Than Motorola’s Droid, it seems that Verizon may indeed be testing a CDMA version of the iPhone.

It appears that an iPhone developer by the name of Pandav, told MacRumors that they have spotted usage records for an apparently unreleased version of an iPhone known as iPhone 3,1 in their app’s analytical report. The app used under the iPhone was code-named 3,1 and was caught using the iBART [Free / Paid app for the Northern California Bay Area Rapid Transit system]. The application itself is a public transportation guide the BART system. Also, PinchMedia who provides the information for the application breaks down customer usage including what specific devices are being used.

PinchMedia provides a list of devices which are reported to developers using device identification numbers assigned by Apple. So,  “iPhone3,1” was first spotted in Pandav’s usage logs in sometime in November. Furthermore, the iPhone3,1 identifier does not directly match up with any iPhones presently shipped by Apple. Please note, that the most recent iPhone released and sold was the iPhone 3GS which carries the identification string iPhone2,1.

Apple also began testing iPhone 3GS known as iPhone2,1 back in October of 2008. iPhone 2,1 was tested about the same time: eight months ahead of its launch and the phone was also tested directly in Northern California’s bay area, which is home the Apple headquarters.

Now whether this is the 4G version of the iPhone or a CDMA version remains to be seen, but this still corroborates the information we’ve received from our sources, which stated the following information “My sources have confirmed that Apple and Verizon have been testing a  iPhone on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.” This could allow the announcement of a new iPhone about eight months from now, which puts us around June/July, which is usually the time that Apple has launched new handset versions of the iPhone.

Perhaps the new iPhone will have a faster processor and the ability to truly muli-task, which would once again put Apple in a dominant position in an increasingly competitive smartphone market.

Bigger News for Verizon Than Motorola’s Droid

This weekend was chocked full of Verizon and Motorola news. Earlier this month, Verizon and Google had a joint news conference debuting the new Motorola Droid and announcing a partnership to leverage high-speed network and open Android platform for wireless innovation. Both Engadget and Boy Genius have reported about the upcoming Motorola Droid (which was formally known as the Sholes codename). And yesterday, Motorola released it’s first commercial of the Droid taking direct aim at Apple iPhone.  What I have to share with you is bigger than any cell phone story all year.

My sources have confirmed that Verizon’s CEO, Mr. Lowell McAdam, has flown into San Jose to visit Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California for the last several months. The meetings have taken place approximately every two weeks and the reason for the visits was to make sure the production of the new Motorola handset was moving along smoothly.  Something certainly expected for a phone with a game changing platform and design taking advantage of Verizon huge 3G coverage. This is all pretty exciting information but not the biggest news this weekend for Verizon.

There is more to Motorola and Verizon anti-iPhone Campaign than meets the eye. While everyone was busy talking about or writing about the Verizon anti-iPhone campaing, few noticed that the commercials were not produced by Verizon, but Motorola.

In a news report by Reuters over the weekend titled “Apple’s on a roll – iPhone sales pivotal” the story states, “In September, Apple reported sales of more than 30 million iPhones to date, which some analysts say translated into about 3.5 million so far for the quarter, meaning the company would have to pick up the pace to best the total from a year ago.”

What do iPhone sales have to do with Verizon you ask? Well apparently, Mr. Lowell McAdam wasn’t just visiting Google on those trips to Mountain View, California.  Apple headquarters is only 8.5 miles away from Google’s HQ.

We all know that Verizon started testing their 4G network earlier this year and that Verizon plans to roll out their LTE network on the 700 MHz spectrum sometime next year. iphone-verizon

My sources have confirmed that Apple and Verizon have been testing a CDMA iPhone on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Yes, you read that correctly, Verizon and Apple have been testing the first 4G phone on Verizon’s 4G network. The tests have been taking place for the last couple of months but with no confirmation on the release date. If you read the article by Reuters above, it would make good fiscal sense for Apple (and Verizon) to release the first CDMA iPhone right here in the United States running on Verizon’s new 4G network, with announcement expected in 2010 at Apple’s WWDC.

Now here’s your coffee talk for Sunday: Verizon + iPhone + 4G LTE network. Go ahead, you know you want to have to scream.

Happy Sunday and thanks for waiting for this story.