Updated with Live Blogs: [Video] Live Coverage of Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Live Coverage of Apple Keynotes. Including Images, Commentary, and sometimes audio and video.

UPDATE: If you are interested in following a live blog, we have a list for you here:

This Is My Next (The Verge)






Ars Technica




Need To Back Up Your Mobile Life? Get It Done For Free!

Earlier this year, electronics retailer Best Buy announced a new mobile backup service called mIQ. Designed to compete with similar services like Apple’s MobileMe or Microsoft’s My Phone, mIQ offers up to 1 GB of storage space in the cloud for photos, video, contact and calendar information, SMS messages, and more. However, unlike its competitors, mIQ has a couple of distinct advantages: it’s 100% FREE and anyone can sign up to use it.

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Apple Files Multi-Touch Tactile Keyboard Patent; iPhone and/or Tablet Debut?

Apple’s forthcoming tablet could employ a dynamic surface that gives users tactile feedback when typing in order to identify individual keys, according to a new patent application revealed this week.

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