[Video-How to] Install Android and WP7 on HTC HD2

Thanks to the guys over at XDA dev forums, this video shows you how to install both Android and WP7 on your HTC HD2. Follow the walk-through video above to make your hot little HD2 dual boot both OS’. And note that we are not responsible if you brick your device.

[via XDA dev forums]


Dual Boot WinMo and Android 2.0 on Windows mobile devices

Got a Windows 6.5 or 6.1 device but feeling a hankering for a little Android love on your handset without giving up your WinMo OS? Well, thanks to the guys over at xda-developers.com have put together a nifty little loader that does it all nice and sweet for you. Called Gen.Y DualBOOT, the application is free and has been published over in xda’s forums.

“This release is made for VGA devices, and supports booting Android both from Internal Storage (moviNAND, e.g. Touch Diamond) & Storage Card (SDMemory, e.g. Touch Pro). WVGA version and QVGA version is also ready. This app has been tested on WM6.1, but will work perfectly on WM6.5.x as well.
Keep in mind that your android setup must be installed already at the root of your storage card in order for this app to work correctly (e.g. \Internal Storage\haret.exe or \Storage Card\haret.exe respectively).”

[via PocketNow]

Nokia N900 Dual-Booting Android and Maemo

A gentleman by the name of Brandon, owner of a Nokia N900 has decided to port over Android on the flagship Nokia device. Brandon says, “it’s more of a proof-of-concept”.  Now it’s just a matter of time when someone gets all the screen calibration worked out and we see a full-fledged version of Android running smoothly on the N900.

[via JKontherun]