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Live Coverage of Apple Keynotes. Including Images, Commentary, and sometimes audio and video.

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[How-to] Revert Your Captivate To Stock with Odin3 “One-Click”!

So, you got yourself a shiny new AT&T Captivate.  Great, fantastic device; SuperAMOLED, Hummingbird, blah blah.  As any new Android user, you hop on the interwebs and get to Googling.  Slowly, over time, the inevitable happens; you stumble onto xda-developers.com.  You see the light.  Within hours, you’re on your third rom, the thirst for speed clouds your judgement.  Life is great, your device is flying, multitasking with gusto.  It’s at this point the tech Gods decide to rain on your parade, or, more precisely, your Captivate.  The speaker is dead, the rain markers are clear, time for insurance.  But wait!  You’re running CFW.  They’ll never replace a device that has so blatantly been modified.  In comes Odin3.  With just “one-click” (really a few more than that), you’ll have your Captivate SGS back to factory specifications with none the wiser (it’ll also help in ‘bricked’ devices).  Hit the link for directions and downloads!

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Nokia Plans To Cut 3% Of Employees

So the recession is over, is it CNN?  Nokia, the unequivocal leader in cell-phone manufacturing and sales the world over, has decided to cut 1,800 positions within the company in light of Q3 earnings reports, despite beating analyst views. According to Investors.com, CEO Stephen Elop was quoted as saying, “This is clearly a time of disruptive change”, no doubt in reference to the dramatic market footprint of Apple’s iPhone and the explosive rate of growth that is Google’s Android. Hit the jump to find out who (Probably you) will be looking for work soon.

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T-Mobile G2 will have Android 2.2 and only 800Mhz processor

T-Mobile keeps giving out piece by piece information on the G2 and today they have revealed a few specs about the device. When you purchase the G2 it will be running Android 2.2 vanilla (as seen by the pic, no Sense) and be Flash 10.1 ready. Another tidbit is that the device has a 800MHz processor inside, down from other Android devices running 1Ghz and upwards. I have seen disappointment all over about this but we should not give up hope, maybe the G2 will be optimized to use all of the processing power, but still makes you wonder why they chose to go with it. Pricing and availability is still up in the air but we can an expect an announcement soon I’m sure.

[via T-Mobile]

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Burning Man’s open source Cellular network lights up: OpenBTS

Burning Man image courtesy of tnkgrl

“We make GSM look like a wireless access point. We make it that simple,” describes one of the project’s three founders, Glenn Edens. A pretty harrowing statement considering the millions invested in networks by the big U.S. carriers.  The technology starts with the “they-said-it-couldn’t-be-done” open source software, OpenBTS. OpenBTS is built on Linux and distributed via the AGPLv3 license. When used with a software-defined radio such as the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP), it presents a GSM air interface (“Um”) to any standard GSM cell phone, with no modification whatsoever required of the phone. It uses open source Asterisk VoIP software as the PBX to connect calls, though it can be used with other soft switches, too. The project in essence is a solar/wind powered, Linux/VoIP based cell phone network, that works with any GSM phone and costs pennies on the dollar to install and operate. And it’s being tested right now at Burning Man. The potential of OpenBTS is a clear winner. The system is only “as big as a shoebox,” Edens says, and requires a mere 50 watts of power “instead of a couple of thousand” so it is easily supported by solar or wind power, or batteries. It performs as well as any other GSM base station which has a maximum range of 35 kilometers and a typical range of 20 kilometers, depending on geography, antennae height, etc.

[via NetworkWorld and more information on the project here and here]

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HTC Vision coming to T-Mobile Europe but may not come to U.S.A.

As we reported earlier about the HTC Vision, Engadget released another shot of the subject phone. We still believe that this particular version is a Euro-bound version, but we can agree that the U.S.A. may see a modified version of the 3.7 inch WVGA device slider-qwerty and toting a 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

As we reported before:

The bad news  is, and what was clearly missed in the original ad posted on Njuskalo.hr, the device is new to “Hrvatska” (Croatia), therefore, for now, it is a European only device. The HTC Vision is set to make an appearance on T-Hrvatski Telekom (and other Deutsche Telekom supported carriers based in Europe) this September.

[via Engadget]

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[Video] Blackberry 9800 Boot and Set up Screen

In what is sure to please the Blackberry fans, Salomondrin has posted another video (although his last few videos of the 9800 were taken down almost immediately),  of the 9800 slider showing us the boot screen and set-up walk through animation of the upcoming device. In this video, the webkit browser is clearly demonstrated and also provides us into a glimps of true pinch zoom on the 9800, the first Blackberry device capable of real native web browsing.

[via Salomondrin.net]

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HTC Vision is European-only QWERTY bound Android handset?

I knew that my Mother and Father immigrating to the U.S. and meeting each other in Cleveland would come back to help me one day. Being of Croatian decent and actually able to speak the language comes in handy sometimes, and this is one of those times. After I saw this story posted over on Engadget a few days back, I got into contact with a few “in-the-know” Hrvat brotha’s to find what is the deal with this new HTC handset. Being able to correspond in my parents native tongue, makes getting more information bit easier on this new HTC Vision. Read more of this post

T-Mobile to get 42Mbps HSPA+ by 2011?

Via TMO News

We recently discussed how fast T-Mobiles newly lit up HSPA+ network is. Make no mistake, it totally blew us away. In some areas we were getting 7.8Mbps download. However, most areas were getting 3-4Mbps download speed which is still quite admirable. Right now T-Mobiles HSPA+ has a theoretical max download limit of 21Mbps. According to this leaked slide you see above, which according to TMONews, was photographed at a manager’s meeting in Seattle, T-Mobile’s theoretical max is going to increase to Read more of this post

Blackberry Storm 3 specs hit the interwebs

Yawn, did another Blackberry come in the room or am I just tired? Oh wait, a Blackberry rumor states a new Storm 3 will come in Verizon’s LTE flavor or otherwise known as 4G network. Now things have become a bit more titillating. The forthcoming (rumored) handset will boast a plethora of new features including 1 GHz processor and riding on Verizon’s LTE network. Read more of this post