[Video-How to] Install Android and WP7 on HTC HD2

Thanks to the guys over at XDA dev forums, this video shows you how to install both Android and WP7 on your HTC HD2. Follow the walk-through video above to make your hot little HD2 dual boot both OS’. And note that we are not responsible if you brick your device.

[via XDA dev forums]


Nexus One gets Ubuntu installed

Nexus One Hacks has put together full instructions on how you can load Ubuntu up on your Nexus One. So if you are so inclined and aren’t afraid of bricking your phone, head on over to their site for full instructions.

Video walk through:

How to install:

[via NexusOneHacks]

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[How-to] Root and install Android 2.1 on your T-Mobile G1[Update – Cyanogen 5.0.8]

We are moving the how-to root and install Android 2.1 on the G1 to our new forums in order to make discussion and questions easier to follow and answer. So if you are interested in rooting and installing newer versions of Android on your G1, you can follow the how-to guide in our forums here as well as ask any questions you might have before, during, and after.


Here is what you will need. Read on after the break…

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[How to + Video] Dual booting and porting Android Froyo 2.2. to your iPhone 3G – a complete guide

Got a hankering for porting Android 2.2 Froyo OS to your iPhone 3G? Well your instructions are below. Make sure to understand: Fonefrenzy is not responsible if you brick your iPhone 3G or any other phone for that matter, ever!

The success of porting Android 2.2 Froyo to iPhone 3G was achieved by development team and all works fine except its WiFi and Audio. However user will still be able to make a phone call and send SMS via iPhone 3G on Android 2.2 Froyo. Hit the link for instructions.

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[Video] Sprint HTC EVO 4G gets Android 2.2 Froyo

Thanks to the devs over at XDA for making this possible. Toastcfh an XDA user has posted a video of an HTC EVO 4G running Android 2.2 (Froyo). Now we do know so far the some features aren’t fully available (of course). So follow XDA the forums if you are open to rooting and want to see 2.2 running on your phone. Or you could just wait for it to become official.

[via The Gadgets]

[Video How To] Tethering the Sprint HTC EVO 4G for Free

Not quite ready to pay an additional $29.99 to tether your Sprint EVO 4G while Nexus One owners currently have the ability to do the same thing for free? Well, rest your brain and sit back, grab a cup of coffee and learn how to tether your new EVO 4G using PdaNet from the Sprint Android Market. It just a few simple clicks, you’ll be tethered to your hearts content in a matter of minutes.

Note: we do not condone using your phone as a tethered hotspot device AND you may incur additional data charges from your carrier.

[via android and me]

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Rogers OTA gives HTC Magic owners Sense, here is how to remove it

So just a couple weeks ago Rogers sent out and OTA giving HTC Magic owners HTC’s Sense UI. Pretty impressive for those who were getting bored of stock Android 1.5 on their phones. The question is, do you want Sense UI? Some would die to have it, others not so much. Here in the United States I am sure many HTC MyTouch 3G owners are drooling over the fact that Rogers users are getting HTC’s Sense. 7 home screens, nicer icons, and a lot more interaction and a much more polished UI. So if you are unhappy with your HTC Sense update because it feels either too slow or too abnormal compared to stock Android. Here is a short how-to on removing Sense UI and changing back to the stock home screen.