Watch out iPad, PalmPad Is Drawing a Bead

While it pains me to quote, credit, or otherwise refer to FoxNews, it appears as though they’ve got their hands on some rather tasty exclusive information.  It looks as though Palm (HP) is joining the rest of the mobile community and jumping head-long into the tablet throng with not one, but four PalmPad tablet devices.  According to Fox (shudder), Palm plans to unveil three of the four devices at CES 2011, the fourth of which is to be directed at University students will be announced at a later time.  Minor hardware differences will separate the four devices in the PalmPad line, hit the link to see what we know so far.

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WebOS tablet from HP to arrive at the beginning of 2011

HP had its earnings call today. Though we aren’t very big on numbers for companies that aren’t deeply jiving in the mobile space just yet, we are fancy for mobile product fantasies such as a WebOS tablet. At HP’s earnings call earlier today, HP reported both strong growth and dropped the already somewhat well-known bomb that a WebOS tablet will land in early 2011. WebOS on a tablet is something to drool over. It will have apps (though not nearly as many as the iPad), it will possibly have Flash 10.1 since Adobe said Palm is one of their partners, and it will be a multitasking machine. All it needs to really succeed is a fast processor, a lot of RAM, a front facing camera, and a super high-resolution screen. If they can pull this off, they will be all set for success in my opinion. We will keep our fists clinched with anticipation until the official announcement expected at CES 2011.

[Via Precentral]

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HP says, “Expect WebOS Slates and Printers”

HP isn’t just going to be focusing on the mobile phone market after its recent acquisition of Palm. They want to put WebOS on anything and/or everything they possibly can. WebOS has struggled in the smart phone market because it has to compete with the likes of Google and Apple, both of which have what seems to be an unlimited spending cap. Now HP, the #1 computer manufacturer in the world, has reported another amazing quarter and gave a brief tease on its plans for WebOS. WebOS will not ‘JUST’ be in the smart phone market.

Yes, you read that right. HP plans to put WebOS on web-connected printers and slates. We don’t know how long this will take to come to fruition, but we know it is definitely in the pipeline. HP can easily utilize WebOS and replace the proprietary OS on the HP Touch smart printers, they can put WebOS on tablet form factors similar to that of the HP Slate and/or iPad, and they could even put WebOS in some of their all-in-one PC’s. We know that WebOS is no longer a smart phone OS, it is and will be the driving force of HP’s web connected strategy between multiple devices. Now let’s get this show on the road HP/Palm. The sooner we see these new WebOS slates, phones, and printers, the better it will be for both HP, Palm, and the smart phone market in general.

[Via HPNews]

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