CES: AT&T announces the Samsung Infuse, Galaxy S with new 1.2ghz Hummingbird and 4.5inch Super AMOLED Plus

Would you look at that? It finally happened. AT&T is getting serious about Android. It only took about 2 and 1/2 years, but it happened. Well, at least from my point of view, all can be forgiven. AT&T just announced the new super beast phone called the Samsung Infuse. The Samsung Infuse is, at least at the moment, the highest of high-end phones. It makes all other Samsung Galaxy S devices look pretty old (especially since they are all still stuck on Android 2.1 here in the United States). Here is a run down of what this new phone is packing.

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T-Mobile and Nokia Siemens announce new HSPA speeds of more than 650Mbps

In a joint statement, T-Mobile and Nokia Siemens Networks said they are working on “theoretical maximum speeds” of 650Mbps+, on their Long Term HSPA Evolution.

To boost the download capacity to several hundred megabits per second the companies suggest combining up to eight channels into one data link, and in the process provide peak data rates of up to 672Mbit/sec. To overcome spectrum constraints, operators will be able to combine spectrum from more than one frequency band. Another way to increase download speeds is to download data from multiple base stations at the same time.

While this may be good news for T-Mobile in 2013, when the network should be fully deployed and their 3G technology that is backwards compatible with the current HSPA networks.

[via ComputerWorld]

T-Mobile unveils its first HSPA+ phone, the G2

The revolution continues, T-Mobile has unveiled the name of its first HSPA+ phone on its network, the G2. We all know the G1 was the first Android phone on any network and T-Mobile has not forgotten either giving a little background history and claiming the G2 will continue the revolution the G1 started. We can only guess that HTC will manufacter this phone like they did with G1. Speaking of HTC, they have an event lined up for September 15th, will we get more info then about this mysterious G2? T-Mobile is making sure all customers know about the G2 because while I was on my way to work, my mother received this text from T-Mobile, coincidentally on his G1. I will make sure she saves her upgrade for the G2 now. Picture of the text after the break. Anyone excited for this phone? Read more of this post

T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ phone is coming

T-Mobile is trying not to be forgotten in all this 4G news with everyone talking about their 4G network and handsets. Earlier today they put live a page, shown above,  teasing that their first HSPA+ phone is coming and it is a revolution, bold words. No other information is given but just to sign up and wait, but Android blog Android and Me went digging a little deeper and found something. Read more of this post

T-Mobile to get 42Mbps HSPA+ by 2011?

Via TMO News

We recently discussed how fast T-Mobiles newly lit up HSPA+ network is. Make no mistake, it totally blew us away. In some areas we were getting 7.8Mbps download. However, most areas were getting 3-4Mbps download speed which is still quite admirable. Right now T-Mobiles HSPA+ has a theoretical max download limit of 21Mbps. According to this leaked slide you see above, which according to TMONews, was photographed at a manager’s meeting in Seattle, T-Mobile’s theoretical max is going to increase to Read more of this post

HSPA+ is live in Los Angeles, it is FAST!

I live in the L.A. area as of now and ever since T-Mobile announced they will have HSPA+ in 25 cities by the end of the month including L.A., I have been doing speed tests like a mad man. Just to give you some samples. I did some speed tests with a T-Mobile MyTouch 3G and a Nexus One. Here are some results I have had: Read more of this post

T-Mobile’s HSPA+ will cover 25 cities by the end of June, 100 cities by years end

T-Mobile isn’t even going to deal with the Verizon vs AT&T fight. Instead, T-Mobile is going directly after Sprint’s 4G. Today T-Mobile put out a press release saying that it’s “4G like speed HSPA+ has expanded and will be live in 25 cities by the end of this month. They also say that HSPA+ will cover over 180 million people in over 100 major metropolitan areas throughout the United States by years end. Here is a list of cities covered so far: Read more of this post

T-Mobile flipping the switch on fiber electrified backhaul 21Mbps HSPA

T-Mobile isn’t wasting any time watching Verizon and AT&T tout their non-existent 4G networks. According to our pals over at Engadget T-Mobile is getting ready to fire up their new 21Mbps HSPA+ network. According to the coverage map above, this means that many Americans will not have the ability to access that beautiful speedway, but for the ones that do, this is a dream made in heaven.

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Google Nexus Coming To T-Mobile January 5th?

So as the weekend totally blew up with news and tweets about the new Google phone known as Nexus, now the mainstream press has started to report about the phone as well.

ABC News is reporting that “Google Inc will sell a version of its own-branded cellphone for a reduced price to U.S. consumers who agree to a service contract from Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile USA, a source familiar with the matter said.”

Phandroid reports that  a source from AndroidAndMe states the following:

1.) It’s going to be $199, subsidized by Google. That is pretty game changing from a cell phone sales perspective. Sounds like Google is going to make a big push to get a good Android handset into as many people’s hands as possible.

2.) They are apparently working on some new 3D UI elements for Android.

3.) GSM at first, CDMA version will follow.

Now Business News analyst Ramon Llamas, senior research anaylst from IDC in Boston says that the Nexus One: “It’s going to be a winner”

Google Phone rumor round up

[Image provided by Engadget]

This whole weekend has been buzzing with rumors about the new Google Phone. After collecting information from around the sphere, here is what we know so far.

The Google Phone is manufactured by HTC and it seems to be the same rumored HTC Dragon/Passion/Bravo

The Google Phone is running a tweaked version of Android 2.1 which allows animated wallpapers and some cool UI tweaks.

It is more thin than the iPhone, has a high resolution OLED Screen, and looks similar to the HTC Hero on Sprint.

The phone has a microphone in both the front and back to help reduce unwanted noise.

Google has handed the phone out to employees to put it through its paces out in the field.

The phone is said to be sold unlocked and possibly work on both T-Mobile and AT&T 3G.

The phone is rumored to be launched in January 2010. (same time as the rumored Bravo/Passion launch)

There is now a grid looking button at the bottom of the home screen and when pressed, brings up a list of home screens. (they look similar to how cards in WebOS look but smaller)

According Google employees and people who have have been Tweeting about the phone, we are hearing that the phone is, “Super fast, has a nicer UI than the iPhone, and the camera is really good”. According to photos dissected by Engadget that were taken with said Google Phone, the Camera is a 5MP camera which is the same as most Android phones coming out these days.

So is this the Android phone you have been waiting for? Is this something people would be willing to pay 5-6 hundred dollars for unsubsidized? We are just as excited as you to find out. It will be interesting to see if this works with both AT&T and T-Mobile and if either or any carriers will offer it subsidized with a contract.