[Video-How to] Install Android and WP7 on HTC HD2

Thanks to the guys over at XDA dev forums, this video shows you how to install both Android and WP7 on your HTC HD2. Follow the walk-through video above to make your hot little HD2 dual boot both OS’. And note that we are not responsible if you brick your device.

[via XDA dev forums]


[Video] Sprint HTC EVO 4G vs. T-Mobile HTC HD2 side by side comparison

A new video posted by the guys over at WireFly shows a side by side comparison between the Sprint HTC EVO 4G and the T-Mobile HTC HD2. The video is about 14 minutes long but gives you a great look at these two great HTC handsets – but the EVO seems to out-do the HD2 in several ways.

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HTC HD2 hands on and impressions

Although I did not have a long time to go over all of the nuances of the new T-Mobile HTC HD2, powered by Windows Mobile 6.5, I was thoroughly impressed with the build quality and functionality of the device. Hit the link for more pics and information. Read more of this post

HTC HD2 and Nokia Neuron hit T-Mobile Stores today

T-Mobile USA announced the HTC HD2 and Nokia Neuron are available today at your local T-Mobile store or online. Hit the link for specs and Pricing. Read more of this post

Sprint: Don’t call it a comeback, we’ve been here for years

That’s right world! Time to take some notice! For years, Sprint has had to deal with the ravages of poor customer service related issues (which I have yet to experience myself), being the hand-me-down phone network and having to deal with the persistent loss of subscribers. Today all has changed and become right with the world. Sprint announced their new flagship handset, built by HTC, called EVO 4G, the USA’s first real 4G handset and boy, is it a good one. Hit the read link for more insight and an interesting story. Read more of this post

T-Mobile’s HD2 to get Windows Phone 7?

T-Mobile opted to give the world a tease just a few days before MWC. On T-Mobile’s Twitter account, they ask, “If you think you know the HD2? Well if you think you do, think again.” So what does this all mean? Here is what we know. The HD 2 is supposed to launch on T-Mobile USA some time in March, it already has Windows Phone 6.5, and was rumored to get 6.5.3 soon. We saw the HD 2 for the States received a bit of a spec bump over the European version, so we don’t think the hardware will be too much different from what we have already seen. If T-Mobile is not refering to Windows Phone 6.5.3, could they be referring to Windows Phone 7? MWC’s Windows Phone 7 clamoring is steadily increasing and if there is any Windows Phone device with specs that can handle Windows Phone 7, it would be the HD2. We will keep our fingers crossed in hopes that this is the case. We also will continue to let everyone know what Windows Phone 7 is as it unfolds.

[Via WMExperts]
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HTC HD2 for T-Mobile, more powerful than ever before

We recently pointed out that Ballmer said the HD2 will be on T-Mobile soon. We also showed that T-Mobile has a mailing list you can join to receive information on the HD2’s availability. Well now we are seeing that they aren’t just putting the HD2 on T-Mobile, they are super charging it before hand. The HD2 on T-Mobile now has 1GB of ROM rather than 512MB, it has 578MB of RAM over the Europeans 448MB, and it looks like it will be coming with a 16GB SD card rather than the once thought 2GB SD. So if you didn’t think the performance or specs on this monster were quite there, this should help alleviate some of those concerns. It seems HTC is doing more than any other company (including Microsoft) to keep Windows Mobile exciting and the HD2 is no exception. We cannot wait to get our hands on one of these. When we do, we will let you know what it is all about.

[Via Endgaget Mobile]

[HTC Home Page]