Updated with Live Blogs: [Video] Live Coverage of Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event

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Live Coverage of Apple Keynotes. Including Images, Commentary, and sometimes audio and video.

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Opinion: Why the iPad might remain the king of tablets in 2011

This is the short break before it all explodes folks. We are just weeks away from the explosion of Android tablets on the market as well as the Blackberry Playbook and whatever new WebOS tablet HP has in store. The general consensus is that the iPad will of course sell well, however the Android tablet market as well as the Playbook and WebOS tablets will eat into the iOS tablet market. Essentially this would put Android on top much like it has already done in the smartphone market due to sheer number of manufacturers producing tablets. And though I am not an analyst of any kind, I want to make a prediction. My prediction is that iOS tablets (iPad 1 and iPad 2) will remain the best-selling tablets, at least through 2011. Here is why.

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Verizon vs. AT&T: How does your coverage stack up? There’s an app for that!

BGR posted a nice little iOS app found in iTunes called Coverage by Technomadia. The app functions as a simple little app that allows you to compare coverage maps of the four major U.S. and A. carriers. So if you are in the market for a Verizon iPhone, this app may help you make up your mind. Hit the source link for more information and check out the video of the app in action below.

[via BGR]

Watch out iPad, PalmPad Is Drawing a Bead

While it pains me to quote, credit, or otherwise refer to FoxNews, it appears as though they’ve got their hands on some rather tasty exclusive information.  It looks as though Palm (HP) is joining the rest of the mobile community and jumping head-long into the tablet throng with not one, but four PalmPad tablet devices.  According to Fox (shudder), Palm plans to unveil three of the four devices at CES 2011, the fourth of which is to be directed at University students will be announced at a later time.  Minor hardware differences will separate the four devices in the PalmPad line, hit the link to see what we know so far.

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[Rumor] Verizon iPhone To Be Better than iPhone 4?

It appears that’ll be the case, if the “insider” the folks over at DVICE is in fact supplying them with correct information.  The informant claims to have used a prototype Verizon iPhone, and noted numerous upgrades over the standard iPhone 4 that can currently be found on AT&T’s network.  These little tidbits hint to the ever growing rumor that the Verizon iPhone will be in fact an upgraded iPhone 4.  More information and updated specs after the break.

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I’m biased.

(If you don’t appreciate rambling, run.  Fast.)

Home from work early today, I was absently watching the Local News at noon while smoking a cigarette, my mind wandering as it does.  I managed to catch the tail end of a ConsumerReports review on tablets; typical CR drivel spouted from his lips, and my mind flooded with nerd-rage as it’s prone to do.  The newscaster finished the report, and as a segue, lightly tossed, “I guess it really just depends on what you’re looking for.”  Whoa.  This a-typical sentence spurred a sort of semi-revelation, seemingly growing more and more profound.  It really does come down to your aim.  Now, I’ve always know this.  It’s common knowledge, different strokes for different folks, different products meet different needs.  The epitome of common sense.  This isn’t what struck me, caught me up.  It was the realization that the technologically inclined, the informed blogging elite, the nerds, all seem to be working directly against this.  We call for unbiased reviews, fair comparison, but can’t help but pick sides in a perceived war that may not actually be taking place.  At least not how we see it.

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Yet another Jailbreak for New iOS Firmware 4.1 for all Devices with Limera1n (How to)

Bought a new apple device or just updated your device, that you wanted to jailbreak, but couldn’t because it had new firmware on it that couldn’t be jailbroken? Well now your wait is over. Geohot just released a new jailbreaking tool called Limera1n, which jailbreaks any iOS device, including the iPad (3.2.2 firmware). The current firmware by apple for iPhones and iPod touches is 4.1 and now could be jailbroken, also any previous versions, such as 4.0, can be jailbroken.
First download LimRa1n and Here is the video demonstration on how to jailbreak.

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Flash on your iPhone? YES!

Every iOS user knows that the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad does not support flash content on the internet. We’ve all wanted it, but Apple refuses to add flash support to the iOS devices. Third party applications for jailbroken iPhones can support it now with a plug-in called Frash, but what if you do not want to jailbreak your iPhone? Or simply can’t jailbreak it as of now? Well here is the solution for flash on your iPhone. You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or do anything special. All you need to do is download, Cloud Browse, from the App Store.  Cloud Browse is a Firefox style browser, which means the browser is just like the one you would have on your Mac or PC.

In MobileSafari flash content does not open up, but in Cloud Browse, it opens up and plays the full flash content. It is not as clear as a desktop browser, but it gets the job done when you need to view flash on the go. There are pros and cons. Pros are that Cloud Browse loads flash content that all iPhone users want. It loads web pages faster than MobileSafari. Some cons are, It is not as smooth as MobileSafari, like scrolling pages. Also the content is not as clear on the screen.

Here is the review and comparison of Cloud Browse to MobileSafari

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Target to sell iPad starting October 3rd

Target has announced that it will start selling the Apple iPad October 3rd. Target will carry all 16, 32, and 64 gigabyte models in the WiFi and WiFi+3G versions. Now your probably saying, so what, another store to carry the iPad? Target is going to be a 5% discount on the purchase for an iPad when using there Target credit card. Most employees don’t even get discounts on Apple products and now they are giving the discount to the customer! Keep in mind the discount does not start until October 17th. Pretty big move by Target and I can see that helping them sell a lot while putting customers in credit card debt right for the holiday season. Anyone thinking about getting there credit card for that discount?

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Multifl0w brings multitasking to iPad, improves multitasking on the iPhone

I will preface this by saying that the application is for jailbreak users only. You didn’t think Apple allowed an app that changed multitasking in iOS did you? Well they didn’t, instead the creators of MultiflOw have their app for sale on the Cydia store for jailbroken iOS users. MultiflOw gives iOS users a very similar multitasking experience as WebOS or as the Safari browser tabs management. You can zoom out and see a cached image of all your open applications, then choose which one you want to jump back to. This application will definitely work better on the iPhone 4 compared to the iPad since the iPad only has 256MB of RAM, but it will work on either none the less. Now if only Apple could implement multitasking like this rather than the somewhat boring way of viewing different icons in a tray that they have now. Want to see MultiflOw in action? Check out the video demo after the break, then head over to MultiflOw’s website to learn more.

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