Multifl0w brings multitasking to iPad, improves multitasking on the iPhone

I will preface this by saying that the application is for jailbreak users only. You didn’t think Apple allowed an app that changed multitasking in iOS did you? Well they didn’t, instead the creators of MultiflOw have their app for sale on the Cydia store for jailbroken iOS users. MultiflOw gives iOS users a very similar multitasking experience as WebOS or as the Safari browser tabs management. You can zoom out and see a cached image of all your open applications, then choose which one you want to jump back to. This application will definitely work better on the iPhone 4 compared to the iPad since the iPad only has 256MB of RAM, but it will work on either none the less. Now if only Apple could implement multitasking like this rather than the somewhat boring way of viewing different icons in a tray that they have now. Want to see MultiflOw in action? Check out the video demo after the break, then head over to MultiflOw’s website to learn more.

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iPad to hit Verizon soon?

iPad on AT&T is one thing, which apparently most of the consumers that bought one weren’t too worried about AT&T’s new tiered pricing plans. An iPad on Verizon would even be better. Why? Because there are a lot of loyal Verizon customers who would much rather wait then jump out and purchase an iPad from AT&T.

A report by BGR this morning states that one of their ‘highly placed’ connects said:

Verizon Wireless is currently testing Apple iPad devices on their network. We have been told that the model they are testing is a CDMA-compatible device.

Well we surely hope that this can be done and in a manner that draws more customers to big red. The transition over to CDMA shouldn’t be hard for this device at all. Apple is expected to sell 10 million iPads this year alone.

Now how about that iPhone on Verizon?

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iPad 3G coming May 7th

After seeing strong iPad sales for the first couple weeks, Apple was inevitably forced to delay their international launch. Why they delayed the end of April 3G model is beyond us here at FoneFrenzy, but an official date has finally been revealed. May 7th! If you are itching for that 3G connectivity and dedicated GPS chip in your iPad then you will be able to get yours on May 7th. Other than GPS and the 3G radio, the iPad is the exact same as the WiFi model. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Apple and pre-order yours now.

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AT&T Stating iPad 3G Will Have NO Data Limits; iPhone Cries

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the iPad would have an “unlimited” 3G data plan at the product’s unveiling, but a lot of us not buying this as we know our carriers here in the U.S.A. An AT&T rep said,which site Gearlog spoke with stated that the iPad’s $30-a-month unlimited data is really unlimited. AT&T is also offering a $15-a-month plan that is capped at 250 megabytes for lowering data consuming customers.

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